DESIGN_ThisLife_X7_8x10P_v1_00-135This particular Talents Through Writing (TTW) is based upon a song that Courtney wrote and wanted me to give it a listen.  She had worked and tweaked it to a final version, which it was added to the stack of hundreds of Series ideas that have accumulated.

Will not add the “sung” version of it, but she was singing as unto the Lord, not worrying and/or wondering of what individuals might be listening. That is the manner in which I desire to sing – my head doesn’t always allow me to be in the direct presence of a person playing an instrument like they are playing for their Saviour, God and King.

The Poem

This Life

When I Cross Over Jordan,
When I Leave This Life Behind
Don’t Dare Cry, Oh Dear Brother
For I’ve Found Life In The Sky.

For I Am Safe, With The Lord
In His Arms Will I Stay.
For My Past Has Been Forgotten,
This New Life, It Is All Mine.

By Courtney Danielle Turner | February 5, 2015

What does your heart sing when folks are listening, with you being unaware?

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