By: Courtney Danielle Turner | May 30, 2012

This poem is, was, continues to be one which grips me especially tight – the use of words, articulating more than just an emotion from the depths of a 15 year old — it is a polished reflection of Who her Saviour, Redeemer, King, Lord, Ever-thing is to her. (by the way Ever-thing is not misspelled…) Sifted through an assorted kinds and types of photos trying to find something that would convey even an ounce of the conviction she poured out onto paper with ink. In doing so, grabbed my bounce house to snap a few dried flower/blooms, where this one used immediately stood out amongst the most compelling.

The Poem

The Lamb

The pureness,
the innocence laid down to die.

The greatness,
the power, slain for You and I.

He was perfection,
the beginning and the end.

Through His death,
a message of life He did send.

A world masked in darkness,
some brought to life.

Battling sin,
fighting against death’s sharp knife.

But death lost its hold,
for Christ arose again.

The Lamb, our Conqueror,
helps us fight against sin.

The Lamb, our Barter,
died for all the sons and daughters.

He died and rose again,
our precious,
Perfect Lamb.

by Courtney D. Turner

The Story

Each poem is special, as they are normally written for/to specific people who are experiencing a difficulty in their lives. The focus of this poem is no different, but is applied in a profound manner to us realizing WHO that Lamb really is – the Lord Jesus Christ Himself.

Facebook Introduction

Following is the note of introduction used on Facebook for this poem:

From Dad – To Courtney Turner: One of the MOST humbling things your Mom and I get to experience is how strong the Holy Spirit shows through you to not just others, but to US too! It is MY privilege to put your poems to artistic/print form for you. One person at a time, we can be used of the Lord to make a difference right where we are and all around the world. Keep listening, keep writing, stay excited about each poem you write, I want to hear EVERY one of them and will do my level best to match them to artistic designs which highlight the twinkle we see in your eyes as you ask us to listen. –Dad

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