In a day when people seem SO certain about what they “think” has happened in about every area of our lives, an appreciation for the Creator is severely lacking and appears to be gaining momentum to that end.  The Great artists of times gone by have been heralded as the Masters of the Masters when it comes to the area of enlightened art, but many people have forgotten the First Great Artist – Our Heavenly Father!

Courtney was SO excited for me to read it – and as with MOST of her poems, it came to me without a title and the specific instructions to NOT CHANGE A THING…  With this week of Revival with Dr. Eric Capaci, this one is especially special – is shows what was not only upon her mind, but her heart.

The Poem

The Great Artist

All The Great Artists In The World Today,
Create Great Pictures And Models of Clay.
Van Goh, Leonardo, Michaelangelo Too;
But Could They Have Created Something As Special As You?


Only A Power With Knowledge Beyond What We Know,
Could Make The Earth Turn, Faster Or Slow.
No One On Earth Would Know What To Do,
When It Came To Forming Me And You.


Exquisitely Complex But Simple As Well,
We Have Time To Tell A World Lost In Darkness.
Imprisoned From Light,
How The Earth Was Created, Day Then Night.


The Fowls Of The Air, The Great Beasts Below,
All Of Them Know Of The Splendid Occasion
When The God Of All Spoke,
And Formed New Creation.

By Courtney Danielle Turner | January 23, 2013

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