by Courtney Danielle Turner | October 3, 2012

Short, but sweet – peeling back a the wrappings of a Truth that we as Christians need to be reminded of while in the heat of our daily battles: The Battle Is Won!  For me, that reminder is needed sometimes by the minute.  Courtney has written a litany of poems themed around having to put her desires down to fully embrace and be enveloped by God the Father’s Will.  Some of those things put down have been hurts, disappointments and brokenness.  Those things put in the place of them have been nothing short of amazing – each of them proving to be opportunities to blossom, show forth maturity and responsibility, as well as, spiritually grow.  Melissa and I are seeing the fruits of our labor – humbled to see the inner-workings show forth in service, willingness and genuine care.


The Battle Is Won!

Layer by layer, Brick by brick,
I will fade.

Inches down into the ground,
My good works are over.

They mean no more to me,
For my Greatest Friend’s Face will I see.

The Things on Earth that I have done,
Are over, are completed – the Battle is won!

by Courtney Danielle Turner | October 3, 2012

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