by Courtney Danielle Turner | February 24, 2012

Just when you think you’ve “seen” it all, there appears to come a perspective which you were least expecting… Only part of that is true, because for the Christian that is looking at what is going on around them – it also involves the people who are involved in what is going on around them. This week has been a week of tough rows to hoe for our family in many different facets, on so many different plains… Courtney knocked it out of the park with this poem that she presented to me last night after we had some one-on-one time to talk about some of those struggles. The perspective in this poem is simply amazing – from a 14 year old who has a penchant for noticing things that others don’t want to see. While I’ve been troubled for a specific person and situation, she put into words what I was having a difficult time doing… The situation are people hurting and the question is “So Why Won’t You?” – VERY POWERFUL!

The Poem

So Why Won’t You?

It’s always been the same, seems like things never change.
Things always keep me down, and I feel like I’m underground.
See the lights overhead, but they only bring the dread.
Every day is a constant fight, and you must fight for life.
But I am on solid ground and I must say to you…

I will rise and will not fall, I see humanity for it’s all-in-all.
People push me down and make me feel small.
Some days it’s like I’m up against the wall.
Walking through a phase that seems to have no end.
But I constantly remember and on these words I depend…

I will rise and I will not fall.
People push me down because they always feel small.
And even though their words feel like thrashing knives,
Someone pushed them down and made their world fall apart.
And now their hearts are just so hard…

They are in pain, this thing I do see.
They are tired and tears do not help.
They feel like they are alone, all to themselves.
Their lives are like books lined upon a shelf,
No one looks at them and no one tries to help…

What happened to our world?
Once so perfect, once so true?
These people are in pain.
So my question rings so thorough,
Others are trying to help, so why won’t you???

by Courtney D. Turner

The Story

This poem comes on the heels of the passing of my Uncle Todd, a 30 year veteran minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Sometimes we don’t think about how others may take tragedy, especially of a younger age. This poem was written from the perspective of teenager looking “to” the eyes of an 11 year old. Many times I am afraid we don’t take the time to look at others, for what they might be going through, because they may have other experiences which cause them to have a far more painful view – which if you are not aware of it – they may never tell you. In this case, the child in this discussion was one of hundreds of people, but no one really knew what he was going through. I didn’t until an effort was made to pull him aside to talk with him, then it became abundantly clear that no one understood what he was GOING THROUGH!


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