This one was spurned on by doing homework…  Not quite sure what was being studied, but do know this – this is DEEP and personal.  One of those times when personal inspection can turn one upside down and back over again.  These are two of the most powerful words in the English language and can either ring fear or hope in the ears of those who are meant to hear it.  This time it rings the bell by tying the Old Testament foretelling with the New Testament recording of the event of the Cross of Calvary.  Powerful imagery.


Three short paragraphs, painting a picture that if we carefully read, we can literally imagine the view and ourselves whisper, Remember Me…


Remember Me


Thy Bones Be Not Broken,
Yet Tired As Can Be,
Nails Pierced Thy Hands,
Nails Pierced Thy Feet.
The Lots Had Been Cast,
The Mocking Still Blasts,
And Yet You Found Time
To Still Remember Me.


You Could Have Lost Hope,
Come Down From That Cross,
The Plan Be Aborted,
Salvation Be Lost.
But Yet You Still Hung,
No Breath In Thy Lungs,
And Yet You Found Time
To Remember Me.


You Have Seen What Has Been,
You Could See What Would Be.
And In All That Madness,
You Still Remembered Me.

by Courtney Danielle Turner | September 9, 2013


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