This is one of those poems that reaches right out to GRAB you!  It’s quick, swift and gripping.  It is also playful, yet sobering.  Of course… Keep in mind and remember that this one was texted to me on the way down the hall to READ IT! READ IT! which would wake up a neighborhood.  Even read it three more times once the lights were out…

Good Job!!!  And a challenge to each of us…  The red of this flowers bloom/petals is deep and turned down for the night, we need to be reminded and challenged to read the poem again… All to remember – the Peace that Jesus Brings…

The Poem

Peace Jesus Brings

Most days we get caught up, in toys and days and things,

but do we oft’ remember the peace that Jesus brings?

The love and blood that covers all, none are left un-washed!

He cares and watches over us, do we look like love?

Do we show a world in darkness, the ever present light?

Or do we sit alone, no love or mercy shown?

Stand up ye fellow Christians! I scream and shout to stand!

We must not waste a minute in reaching an un-touched land!

by Courtney Danielle Turner | August 20, 2012

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