Just stumbled onto this poem as a review of the past year was being made, realizing that it is not just a few months old, but over a YEAR old.  She had posted it as a note to my Facebook account with a couple of tags, but it simply must have not registered on my radar as being there.  She had pondered them all week from a sermon that Dr. Randy Cox preached on the first Sunday in September concerning the subject of Mercy.  She wrote down with the note the following words:

Sunday morning Service when Dr. Cox preached, he was preaching on the subject of mercy.  Got the words stuck in my head and knew I had to write them down.  This is probably the greatest thing God has ever given me.  I’m not the greatest poet, but sometimes I get the inspiration to write something.  I really enjoy writing bits and pieces of poetry…… whether it’s comedic or serious…… it’s a gift… and if you know me I use it tot he fullest extent!!!!!

Oh, if only I had realized it at her age…  Sure do have to admit though, it is wonderful to witness it in her…

The Poem

Nothing I Could Do

(Speaking of Mercy)

Nothing I could do to save myself,

But He saved me and everyone else…


Nothing I could do to set myself free,

By the grace of God Jesus saved me!


Nothing I could do but live in sin,

But Jesus came and gave me life again!

by Courtney Danielle Turner | September 10, 2011

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