This poem is a deeply personal one, written as a few unanswered questions were lingering in the mind…  Shifting friendships are tough on anyone, but for a teenager they can be a strain in which words often are not formed into thought which describes the emotion of it all.  This one, does more than reach – be careful with it – for we may find it is a place where each of us can say we are included in the all…

The Poem

My Friend, Are You There?

Standing up against a wall.

Waiting, waiting for the fall.

If I fell, would you be there?

To help me up from my despair?

Or would you, leave me all alone?

Alone I walk on the path toward home.

Would you help me along the way?

I knock at your door, though it opens not.

Will you leave me in the cold?

Is our friendship growing old?

New things come, passing to and fro.

But these things sweep you in.

Will you still be my friend?

Oh my friend, Are you there?

Laughing with me, Without a care.

Because without you, I’m really scared.

By Courtney Danielle Turner | June 8, 2012

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