What could be more fitting for this poem than a Resurrection Lily?  The Lord Jesus Christ was moved with Compassion when He saw the multitudes. With a build up like the following, you will have to be the one to decide!

First | The Choir sang “I’m Amazed”

Second | Congregational Singing of “My Saviour’s Love” and “The Longer I Serve Him” Medley

Third | Special Music by Ladies Trio of “Out Of His Great Love”

Fourth | Congregational Singing of “What A Day That Will Be”

Fifth and READY to Launch | Dr. Eric Capaci Opening and Asking Us: “What Is It That Moves Us?”

Could almost just stop right there and let that be it!  But it gets EVEN better – BUZZ across my phone comes a “Thank you Eric Capaci!” and a button to click for a picture.  After a tap of the screen and a brief wait, the poem below is what we poured over into my “sight”…  And another note that said “I know it is blurry, but I couldn’t wait for you to see it!!”  Could there be sweeter words from a 15 year old — texted while she is ENGAGED in Revival Services?

Dr. Capaci sharing in his introduction of services in a church here in North Carolina and the playing of Victory in Jesus for the final roll call for just “one person who had been the least bit stirred” upset my apple cart as I spilled over in the thought and acknowledgement to the Lord myself.  Unfortunately not being able to sit in the the service first hand had me unaware what was being measured to our daughter – but we were being challenged by the same Holy Spirit, which come to realization through a buzz of a text message…

Will you go ahead and Move already?  Tag, YOU are it!

The Poem


What Can Make You Move?

Down An Aisle, Down A Path.


What Can Make You Move?

To Decide To Go Forward And Never Look Back.


To Make A Promise, To Make A Choice.

To Fill The Space And Cross The Void.


What Can Make You Move?

What Life Choices Will It Take?


What Will God Have To Do

To Open Your Eyes, To Make You Move?

by Courtney Danielle Turner | January 21, 2013

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