Many times the difference between hearing and listening has been the topic of my own conversation with people, especially children.  The imagery difference can be illustrated in so many different manners, which this poem does in a handful of ways.  Here she uses hearing something, then the coordinating “see” to confirm what she has heard.  For a few of them, the word “see” is not even used – but is understood to be “right” there.

Every noise that we hear can trigger different things in our mind, but generally noise is something we pay little attention, that is until it gets our attention.  Listening could be defined quite easily as doing something with what one hears.  Listening is an on purpose action that requires that we place a great deal of attention on it in order to have the full desired impact or understanding.  This of course begs the following two questions: “What sounds are we listening for?” and “Who’s sounds are we listening for?”

The final line of this poem puts it all on the line so to speak.  The challenge is for us to “listen” for the coming of what Heaven gets to see all the time, the Joyous Light of Heaven, the very Son of God – the Lord Jesus Christ!  What is it that you are anticipating the arrival?  Revelation 22:7 comes to mind immediately when thinking of this poem:

“Behold, I come quickly: blessed is he that keepeth the sayings of the prophecy of this book.”
Revelation 22:7 | King James Version


Listen For The Sounds

I hear the sounds of laughter,

but I cannot see the joy.

I hear the sounds of singing,

but notes cannot be found.

I hear the sounds of writing,

but no ink is on my page.

I hear the sounds of ticking,

but I cannot see the time.

I know on sight I cannot rely,

our eyes deceive us, giving us false hope.

And when I see a picture,

and it doesn’t look quite right.

I listen for the sounds of Heaven’s

Joyous Light.

by Courtney Danielle Turner | September 23, 2012

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