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A creative outlet is just that place where all the stuff goes when one is not sure where it is supposed to go, or is it?  In this case, we are talking about the Ever Creative Mind (ECM) of a teenager that writes all kinds of things that are just as creative and thought provoking as her ever increasing sense of humor.  Wonder where she gets that from???  We may never know…  There are a few people who would challenge the notion of the “where”, but I’ve got control of the comment ability for this particular site – ::-)


Just as the group of hands indicates, there are all kinds of people, situations and challenges that each of us face on any given day.  What will be our response?  Who will see that response and be changed?  Or will it be something more harrowing, which we could be reminded of like King Agrippa?

“Then Agrippa said unto Paul, Almost thou persuadest me to be a Christian.”
Acts 26:28 | King James Version

We have been entrusted with many talents each, an ability in which God the Father has a purpose, to be used to point to Him.  The Lord was about His Father’s business, while He was here, how the much more we should be.  As our example, Christ over and over again has taught how to do so and as our Saviour had made that way possible for us to DO so.  Not an “almost”, but that we would persuade others to the Loving, Merciful and Complete knowledge of the Son of God came to Save us one and all.

While each of these works may not quote a verse of Scripture, we can see the working of the Holy Spirit in the lives that they touch, as Melissa and I have in our daughter.  So can you join us, as we seek to share with a lost and dying world, that while things can appear to be void of what they are chasing after, we continue to Seek for the Master – and we KNOW He is Waiting…


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