by Courtney D. Turner | August 18, 2012

The image used for this print is a rose which was converted to black and white, which gives it a surreal feel and tone. The circumstances which this poem was pushed out of the dust with necessitated an image that conveyed that background of thought and adequately point to Whom she was relying on to help her correctly align her view. The poem is engaging from the very first words, which answers the original poem which this was presented to answer.

The Poem

Do Thy Will With Me

Make Me, Mold Me, Forever Hold Me.

You Are The Potter, The Writer And Painter.

You Are The Creator and I Am The Canvas.

Take Me And Paint Thy Will.

My Life, Not My Own, For I’m Never Alone.

Cause You Are Supreme And Just.

Storm Clouds May Blow, My Path Be Not Shown.

Yet I Trust, For You Art My Light.

I Thank Thee, I Praise Thee.

My Father and Forever My Friend.

by Courtney D. Turner

The Story

Where to even begin with this one – one, this was written by our 15 year old Courtney Turner after a discussion on a written piece she did in June which had a “line” out of kilter. Honestly couldn’t tell – of course after she wrote “DO NOT CHANGE ANYTHING!” at the top of them poem – what was ‘missing’, just knew something needed adjusted. She looked at it a couple of times, then I handed it to her with a pen – stating that it wasn’t to come back until it was completed… That took about 2 minutes… Of course with SPECIFIC directions on what to re-arrange and NO CHANGE on anything else.

Shortly after that, she said “Quick, pen and paper, don’t care what, just give it to me…” What follows is the result. Have not decided when to post the previous poem written in June – it is a TOUGH one and I do mean TOUGH in ALL CAPS. This poem is the result of her SEEING God work through a situation which drove her to write the poem in June – what an AMAZING GOD we Serve! Of course, Bro. Stephen Hale Barker says it could have been said in one word “WOW!!!” but my vocabulary is a bit wider than his… This one is destined to be one that I on purpose look at every day…

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