For those of us with children, especially teens, a special interest taken by them can be that very special way for us to see the Holy Spirit molding them into the vessel for service.  Being able to put Courtney’s creations into design is a captivating experience.  Most of the time she brings them to me in an excited manner, where she wants me to drop everything that is being done and focus my full attention upon her story telling of the poem. Incredible insight into her thought processes and desire to strengthen her walk with her Saviour is encouraging – especially in the day which we find ourselves.

She was so EXCITED to bring it to me – in the typical fashion – in pieces, without a title and where she’d have to read it to me.  I’ve learned to drop EVERYTHING, turn off all noise and focus on what her heart has poured over onto a piece (or pieces rather) of paper.  We have been talking more frequently about what is going on in the Middle East, with our military and how the world sees the United States of America.  This coupled with a wanting to learn more about our Nation’s history, is pouring out of her.

One might notice these items a timeless, a declaration of the ages and are applicable to people of all age brackets.  May we each see what she sees and be encouraged that we have a generation of young people we can have hope will continue to see the Greatness of God and the Liberty of our Land.

The Poem

Brave People

People give their lives.

Everyday willing to die.

Some will mock, others will scorn,

But our Faith will not be torn.

 Those who are fighting, continue to fight.

They gave up their families, their homes, their lives.

 For this reason, they lay it all down.

To keep us free, you and me.

For I am free, I will not be a slave.

You can call it foolish, but I call it Brave.

by Courtney Danielle Turner | September 2, 2012


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