Who would have ever guessed that a “single” word is all it would take for a preacher’s Sermon to come alive in the mind of a teenager?  Now we of course are talking about my daughter, who has this innate ability to slip-stream a song into another song effortlessly and DOES so quite often.  Given that in our knowing, single words can be powerful launching places for us to think on Spiritual things – this poem has done just that.

Even MORE special would be the trigger person who said the word as he was preaching on the day the poem was written – Preacher Randy Cox.  Courtney’s third grade Sunday School teacher was Ms. MaryJo Cox, Preacher Cox’s wife.  No doubt in my mind an impact made, Holy Spirit conviction exercised and the desire to have others to be Encouraged!

Listen to the words…  See the situation… Understand the resolve…  Get the Bible reference…  Those are words, thoughts, prayers, concerns in which each of us face on our daily Christian walk – finished with a promise if we’ll not miss it!  Where do you and I stand?  Who are we Assembled along side of this day?  If we have ANY Bible in us at all, this poem will kick it up, reminding us to Assemble for Strength…



I stand amongst the numbers,
but yet I stand alone.

The noises of their mocking,
falls upon my ears.

They tear down all the things
that I hold dear.

A few are like me,
and they too alone stand.

We are on a rock,
the rest on sinking sand.

All of us assembled together,
fighting through the hardest weather.

We alone are weak,
but strong when assembled together.

by Courtney Danielle Turner | September 23, 2012

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