This Series actually started in a manner very different than the “bee” in the first print, which of course is CUTE in its own right!  The original direction came from a challenge a counselor gave a couple seeking assistance with each other of being overly critical of each other.  The activity given was to look into the Bible to find references about criticism.

An example of the use of the concept of being critical follows:

“The ear that heareth the reproof of life abideth among the wise.”
Proverbs 15:31 | King James Version

Looking For A Word

While  there is not a direct reference to the word “criticism” in the Bible, there are plenty of items where we can go as Christians need to take a critical look toward.  The original “assignment” was a tough one for the couple because they were not quite ready to be handed the task which has zero actual hits.


For the purpose of this Series, an absolute phenomenal change occurred when the word “criticism” turned into “Taking A Critical Look”.  The difference allows for us to explore a new view which our Heavenly Father has provided in His Word, to look at things we may consider common sense, that is because they are!


An interesting find of a portion of the “critical” items found in God’s Word, the Bible, yielded eighteen (18) points for us to make a part of our lives in dealing with those things we incur in our daily walk of life.

Critical Points

Wisdom | Rebuke | Tongue | Speak | Words
Measure | Gate | Brass | Charity | All Things
There Be | Fault | Edifying | Likeminded | Esteem
Confess | Forgave | Scripture

How many times have we struggled with one area or thought, only to seek help from a source that appears to have answers but is not based on a biblical world-view.  As Christians we need to a re-align our view, just like the Christian Counselor did for the couple to the Bible Common Sense area. How will you apply those Bible Answers to your life and those who may need to hear them from you.  Will you join me in “Taking A Critical Look” in God’s Word see how to respond and answer our struggles and troubled thoughts on the things we experience in life…

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