There comes along times in our lives where we may appear to have it going all right on the outside, then comes a circumstance, a situation, something that shakes us to the very core – that something where we are more than at a loss of words…  A place where others have been that you know of, even some of them close to you, but when you close your eyes and open them again – this one is standing right in front of you and your heart is torn…  That is exactly what this series is all about, something that you cannot do yourself, this kind of repair can only come by waiting, only by Him that can “Strengthen” the heart…  For this, you must “Wait on the LORD”…

The “Strengthen Me Series” was born out of a series of Revival meetings, but they go MUCH deeper than that – it is personal – something that was personally needed, a reminder to me that others are in need of encouragement a whole scale above my own need.  With the introduction of this series, the very first verse and the first photo are the one in preview on this page, a person was placed upon my heart and mind who I would find out later needed a tap on the heart.

While I’ll never divulge who this fella is, this will be shared of what he said:

I am hoping that the framed rose and verse was not accidently left on my credenza while you were working…

The exchange of e-mails that followed are ones that will be cherished for certain, but there is one response made that reminds me of the importance of listening:

His timing is right and this one the Holy Spirit wouldn’t even let me sleep until it was done. Score 1 BIG one for God and a lift up for a Brother – and an opportunity to see HOPE run over the edges of the saucer from an over-running cup…

It is my hope that these prints will be ones that will be “delivered” right on time for each of us, reminding us that we must “Wait on the LORD” because “He Shall Strengthen Thine Heart” just when we need it!


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