Ever have something that just excites you, where there is NO DOUBT that Almighty God was RIGHT in the MIDDLE of it?!  Well, that is EXACTLY what this Series is all about – our Heavenly Father putting Himself RIGHT smack dab in the MIDDLE of things.  There is ONE person that comes to mind when words like “slinging”, “tossing” and “picking” shows up and that person is Ms. Beverly Weeks from Goldsboro, North Carolina. One lady introduces her by saying, “She is going to be awesome and the Holy Spirit is going to be all over the place.”

This Series has been sitting for such a time as this, one where a kick-start would blossom into an ENCOURAGEMENT session that could be felt rippling across actual lives – ours and those people that we know who may have a hard time weeding through all the mess that can come at a person these days. All too often, we have labeled folks, cast them into a corner or just plain boxed them up because of what we’ve heard said about this or that about them.  Christians – and I say, CHRISTIANS, stand up and say THIS IS ENOUGH – it is about time we started getting at the TRUTH.  Seek IT, Eat IT and SPEAK IT.

Speak The Truth!

The phrase that stated it all off was a post on Facebook over a year ago, where Beverly just had had enough – and I do mean ENOUGH – making a declaration, which is as follows:

“It is time to lay down the holier than thou attitudes & step out of living a life of being baptized in pickle juice & trade it in for being baptized with the spirit of God’s LOVE! We’ve gotta’ start loving on people, encouraging them, & meeting them right where they are & NOT where WE think they should be! It is then that this country, our churches & our communities will see change!!!!” – Beverly Weeks, Facebook Post, November 7, 2014

The comments that followed were hilarious and SO needed – who says “baptized in pickle juice” anyway?  Little did I realize that a “Battle Call” was being issued, but it SOON became apparent by the prompting of the Holy Spirit for me to write the following reply:

“God came to where we were, offering us Salvation through His Son, how in the world do we think others are going to listen or even want to hear about what we have if we are not willing to go to where they are? LET THIS RING across this land and be the BATTLE CRY of our hearts, then and only then will God heal our land!”

The formula for putting it together immediately rang out “Speak The Truth!” – now it is time to reveal it and what this Encouragement Series discovers.


Each part of the statements, both Beverly’s and mine, divided down into chunks of statements that reminded me of verses of Scripture.  An everyday challenge and reference, now had application – we have the guidebook RIGHT in front of us.  When a person is absorbing the Word of God, it will POUR our of them, which is EXACTLY what happened with this Series in preparation.

Now we have a new tool, a set challenge, will we just plainly “Speak The Truth!” to those who so hopelessly are without and outside of that Truth? We, Christians, have to GO to them, go to where THEY are, being willing to give of ourselves, to be poured out in front of them and into their lives.  What we take in, does come back out — we should be overflowing in God’s Love.


This Series is about some of those things that we can do with what we have right now – it requires NO money, NO orator, NO unreasonable expectation… These are things that ANY Christian can do, no matter where you are, where you live, what language you speak – it is speaking and sharing about the ONE and ONLY True God in Heaven, His Righteous Son and the Indwelling of the Holy Spirit in every Believer.

Some Things We Can Do

Start Loving On People
Encouraging People
Meeting People Right Where They Are
Our Being Willing to Go
Be The Battle Cry of Our Hearts

We see and hear things being spoken about our Country returning to God, returning to being a God Fearing Land and us to have a Love toward others as the Lord loves us… I’ve got an interesting thought – why not right here, right now with what we do know and have, Christian!? We say that we “Trust” Him and He is to be “Praised”, for it is “Written” because He is the “King of Glory”, RIGHT!? Then, how many people have you told that to today?  As a Christian, we’ve had to TRUST Him, so when someone is on the fence about how they could possibly “Trust in Him” – merely tell them how you did. I know, I know – WAY out of our comfort zone, right? How else do we think that our Heavenly Father is going to heal our marriages, relationships with others, homes, communities and our churches?  Could it possibly be that the “Christians” are the ones who need to get a REAL dose of God’s Reality first? We DO NOT have to make anything up, we have a “play book” if you will, which has the answers to all the “hard questions” in it and the HOLY SPIRIT to translate it for us. IF there has EVER been a TIME to SPEAK, it is NOW – while we still can… Beverly would say we need to STOMP on that ole Devil and RUN him outta here – I happen to AGREE with her! Now GET!

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