The question of “where are you going…” is one which each of us has experienced and may well use during an opportunity to witness to others.  One of those questions which is very familiar to soul-winning Christians is the following:

“Do you know if you were to die today if you would go to Heaven? Are you 100 percent sure about it. or 75%, maybe 50% sure.”

Each of us as born-again, Blood Bought, Saved Christian’s should be 100 percent SURE of where “We are going” and to Whom we will be seeing when we get there. That is something we have reason to CELEBRATE each day of our lives!  Heaven is our Eternal HOME in Him.

How Soon We Celebrate

The beginnings of this Series began with the Hymn “Soon and Very Soon”, one which immediately begins to swell up inside of me until I begin to sing – usually not just to myself.  If my daughter is within earshot, the voices get raised a couple of notches – with absolute JOY!  Here are the words to verse one of this Hymn:

Soon and very soon,
We are going to see the King;
Soon and very soon,
We are going to see the King;
Soon and very soon,
We are going to see the King;
Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
We’re going to see the King.

The first print has those same words displayed upon it, after stating “We Are Going”…


It does matter how we feed ourselves spiritually as to what attitude you and I have with each situation we face.  Others will want to know how specific items are being handled, where from their perspective was or is in pure chaos.  People not only can tell when something is absent, but they also will have a keen sense when our attitudes and belief’s are different from the worlds. Where are you indicating you are going?


The following nine (9) statements are ones garnered from looking at who and what causes us to want to see the King…  Surprising statements and instructions given us, by our doing so…

A Few Good Statements

Who Desire to Fear Thy Name
Woe is Me!
Except Your Righteousness
Seek Ye First
The Seed is the Word of God
The Eyes Which See
See The Kingdom
Exhorting One Another
To Him be Glory & Dominion

None of us know the day nor the hour of the Return of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, we are told He will return as He left, from the Eastern sky.  We have the Promise as Christians that we will meet Him in one of two manners, by Rapture of His Church or by death – either way, We are Going to See the King, Our Lord and Saviour – Jesus Christ.  How soon that will be, no man knows, only the Father knows that exact time, day and hour.  This Series gives us a glimpse of what we should be doing until His Return and a Hymn to remind us of His, in light of Eternity, Soon Return. Questions include these: do we desire Him, do we recognize our state, will we seek Him, do we read His Word, is the Kingdom real to us, will we Exhort others… I’m afraid we’ve lost the sense of urgency and realization of that imminent return, otherwise we’d be seeker’s who would be doing all we can to sow the Seed of the One who Glory and Dominion is due…

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