In so many ways and in so many places we can be challenged on what we have stated that “We Believe” for what seems to me at least a lifetime.  Folks appear to be more eager than ever to hold a person to a measuring stick of their own choosing for every action, decision and choice that we make. When exactly did they, or if we’d be honest with ourselves, did we become the “judge and jury” over what others do or say?

Believe you me there is purpose in the question — look at me, there I’ve gone and done it myself…  Trying to tell you something by trying to convince you of a thing or two as in “I’m gonna show you a thing or two…” from the Andy Griffith Show and several others if I recall correctly – just did it again…

This list is not “Spiritual” in nature from the outset, but it most definitely is tied for me – so many truths gleaned from them are actually Proverbs, Psalms and have Scripture backing than we may realize.  The one shown here is actually No. 4 in the Series, referenced as “The Last Time” for point of recall, that name does not exist on the print itself.  Think about the truth behind it:

That you should always leave loved ones
with Loving words.
It may be the last time you see them.

It is my hope and prayer that as you read and click through these, there will be people that the Holy Spirit puts upon your heart to send one to, share one with or possibly even call that person up to Encourage them because of reading one of them. They are indeed pointed – which should lead us to Praise the LORD for being SO generous to us in providing His Only Son to serve as our Substitute so that we might have the opportunity to gain Heaven on the upswing of receiving Christ as our Lord and Saviour.

How many of these will resonate with us individually?  I’ve a dear friend that when he sees these is going to know that he has rubbed off on me in a major way, it is all about Some Things… We’ll never know until we take a look at them…


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