The “Series” concept is being used purely in a fashion to convey the idea of a grouping or a common theme of design for a set of images put together to make-up a well-balanced presentation.  It does not mean however that you must use them in any specific order unless denoted in the information for that specific design.  Each unit can stand on its own independently; making the statement it carries such that the viewer will not feel like something is missing.

One must remember something VERY important, there may be a difficulty with certain designs; smaller items are going to be tougher to read if that specific design was intended for a larger place of use.  The designs are engineered to capture the attention of the passer by so they will stop, return to it, then take a “closer” look.  Therefore, there will be series designs which are easily read from a distance, then there are others that will require being right upon them to discern the writing that is upon them.  It is not a flaw, but rather a technique utilized as a drawing mechanism in design.

There are five (5) categories which is taken into account when each series is designed stated as the following:

Most Series have image sizes ranging from 4×5 to 16×20, with specialty sizes made as demand requires it be made available.  Majority of the Series offerings will be “landscape” oriented, but there are those that are “portrait” be necessity of design, which includes Hymns and statements.

Selective Collections

The Selective Collections contain Series sets that typically range from 1 to 7 images being designed for that theme of similarity which makes up that collection.  These typically are created as special plaques, reminders and celebratory types of images.  Often for the recipient, they have several people tied into them, which impacts more than just the intended receiver as it is a culmination of group seeking to Encourage collectively.

An example of that would be the Know, Love, Fear & Obey Series as it contains only four (4) images, but has made an impact on the recipients parents (Bro. & Ms. Cousar), the couple intended (Rev.& Ms. Kenny Cousar), our Pastor & Wife, as well as two additional couples in our church.  A book could be written about the entire process, how sweet the entire surrounding came to be – a blessing to all involved.

Classic Collections

The Classic Collections make up the majority of the vast array of the images created, given and are being shared on  The design count typically ranges from 8 to 18, occasionally extending to 24 images before reaching completion.  Much of these are based upon sermons preached at our church, which I’ve the distinct pleasure of digging through them on a weekly basis doing just what the Bible says we are supposed to be doing – Romans 12:2 KJV – prove it.

“And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.” Romans 12:2 | King James Version

An example of this type of collection would be the “Be Strong In The Lord” Series as it contains eight (8) bases images and two (2) face images which lists all eight (8) verses used in this Series.  The overarching theme for this Series is to “Be Strong In The Lord” with segments of “Strong For Service”, “Strong For Suffering” and “Strong For Fighting” all tied to the struggle of a butterfly when exiting the chrysalis stage in life.  They are a fantastic reminder that during any struggle, trial or bump in the road so to speak, that even though it may be difficult, we can be strong because of the Love of the Father toward His children.

Extensive Collections

The Extensive Collections are truly a labor of love, ranging from 25 to how ever many it takes to make it complete.  Usually these Series start with a handful of verses or thoughts, which would initially classify them as “Selective”, then blossom into an incredible assortment of opportunities providing an opportunity to weave a story!  These Series truly are able to portray through the use of the Word of God the “ribbon” weaved throughout giving us yet another proof of His Authority by His Word.

An incredible example of this type of collection, hands down, has to be “The Love of God” series which contains three (3) corsage red rose images and twenty-seven (27) mountain rose images.  By listening to the Holy Spirit, complying with His request to send a “specific” image to a “specific” hurting Big Sis of mine, a shower of blessing flowed which I’ll not soon forget.  As I’ve said before and will, should the Lord tarry His return, most likely say many more times, a book could be written on the process, blessing and Encouragement that flowed in EVERY direction.

Ms. Nancy Cook blessed me with the song and Ms. Dean Strickland (my Grandmother) let me photograph her roses, which have been in their family for generations – which make up the twenty-seven (27) mountain roses.  You’ll have to see for yourself by looking at the Series – it is truly remarkable how this Series has had SUCH an impact on all that have seen, read and received them!

Special Edition Collections

The Special Edition Collections contain special occasion designs and images that are more time sensitive in nature, but of course fill the need for Encouraging others at those specific times of the year.  These themed groupings include:

  • Christmas
  • Thanksgiving
  • Easter
  • New Years
  • Independence Day

As those themed occasions are developed, they will be added to the site as they become available.  Most of the work done in this category is specifically oriented to/for a group/family/individual, which include more specific photos instead of images with a large appeal.

Multi-Set Collections

The Multi-Set Collections are those larger collections which have several streams of items which serve as a growing collection as demand prevails.  The typical type of collection would be hymn Series, which the overall design is the same, but may be offered in different color combinations, text types, etc.

An excellent example of this type of Series is Hymns of My Heart, Volume 1 – Hymnal Series that Courtney and I worked on together.  They had to be hymns that we knew and couldn’t walk past without singing. For Volume 1, there are 21 hymns in six different colors of the same design.

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