If only the number of times had been counted when others have said “I wish I’d done…” this or that back when there was more time to do things.  Good intentions only get one so far, then comes the tough stuff – actually doing what the person said they would.  You or I might be able to pull the wool over each others lives for a little while, but when things begin to become secular in nature – it will be noticed.

The more we as Christians stay involved, seeking Him constantly and working on not repeating our past failures, the more our Heart will show forth concern, spreading the Gospel and genuine care for others, and their concerns. Somehow the world has conned the Christian into thinking that our Lord and Saviour has NO idea what we struggle with from Day to Day, thus we should struggle to find answers to our daily difficulties anywhere but where we should focus. Not knowing where our heart is placed can lead to very difficult days and does not show forth the reflection of our Saviour to anyone, much less God the Father Himself.

Your Heart & Mine

At any one time or another, can we know EXACTLY what is in our hearts toward our Heavenly Father and Saviour? I believe that we can – that belief is given me from God’s Word.  Some may consider this a suggestion of Perfection, but we CAN NOT be perfect here on Earth in our fleshly bodies, we each know (Saved or Unsaved) how wicked we can be – others can see those imperfections too. Then, shouldn’t that beg the question “How can we know?”…

The Word of God is an instrument that our Heavenly Father has provided for us, which gives us both a barometer and thermometer on our doings and goings – but we have to be the ones that have the willingness to seek the guidance and reproving which it provides. The only requirement needed to understand it is the Holy Spirit, which either stands on the outside wanting in, or is on the inside waiting to be heard – so that change can be made utterly.

For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.
Hebrews 4:12 | King James Version

It is our “heart” that God the Father wants, which has to be cleaned to serve Him.


Our showing forth the degree of hold that the Word of God has on us, is done in SO many ways, including: Having Peace, Having Direction, Growing in the Lord, Seeing His Work in Our Lives, Faith, Joy, Love… Having, reading and obeying God’s Word changes us on the inside such that anyone around us will easily be able to see the difference, even if they have NO idea what it took for each of us to get to that point.


While this list is far from exhaustive, it does provide fifteen (15) ways to show others as well as yourself what the Word of God can do with, in and through our hearts!

How the Word of God Can Take Hold

To Be Rid of Anxiety and Have Peace
To Set Things Right When Life is Out of Control
To Have Direction and Know God’s Will
To Experience Healing and Deliverance
To Grow in the Lord
To Have Strength, Comfort and Hope
To Shape Yourself and Your Life Correctly
To Be Able to See Clearly
To Know What’s Really in Your Heart
To Build Faith
To Have Joy
To Understand God’s Power
To Have More Life in This Life
To Distinguish Good From Evil
To Understand God’s Love for You

Is your and my heart in it? Are you and I fully committed? What pieces of God’s Word do you and I know? Do we have a specified time, place and plan to meet with the Lord each day?  What part of our lives has the VERY Word of God taken hold? In each area of our lives where Jesus reigns King, it will be because we Honor, Praise and Worship Him – with instruction/conviction given us by the application of God’s Word in our lives!  The time personally spent with the Lord, pouring over His Word and seeking His Wisdom is some of the best times of my LIFE!  It is humbling to know that others can see it such that it shows in the very things of my life.  Not only can (should) we read the Word of God, but we might (would) be surprised how much of the intake leaks out onto/into the things we do everyday.

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