We live in such an upside down world, tossed from one thing to another, with so much to experience, take advantage of and waste away our time.  Does this sound like a CD that has a deep scratch in it, which skips and plays the short bit of the track over and over and over again?  That advancements of the past century have changed the lives of most folks that are alive today cannot really get their minds to comprehend.  With that has also come what I believe to be one of this time periods greatest tragedies – we are SO difficult to satisfy…

How Are We Lacking?

The lack of satisfaction permeates nearly every facet of our lives, including: clothing, entertainment, personal goods, electronics, lifestyles, accommodations, transportation, cuisine, information, all of which just begins to touch the tip of what we have for the most part immediate access. Notice though, them are some big words – to which all of the teachers reading this are already cringing… It could have been said in this manner: we’ve gone from… Basics in clothes to brand names in everything, shoes, belts, pants, jackets, hats and so on. Entertainment used to include family games of Frisbee, badminton and horse shoes – those things that can be played OUTSIDE. Personal goods might have included more than essentials, but now it is as if you are not “in” if you don’t have a designer labelled fragrance to match every place one goes.  Electronics are the rage of the age – kids now have devices that cost hundreds of dollars each and multiples of them – wired to social media as if they cannot communicate otherwise.  How do we go on….

Lifestyles is a controversial topic because of the redefinition of it over time, it is difficult to tell who is coming out of closet and who is being put in the closet, and for what?  If the top five (5) percent of the population on the planet live like Kings and nobility, that casts a shadow on the rest of us – especially concerning where we reside or “live”.  So many in the world want to get bigger, better and more elaborate places to call home, all the while working so much they truly don’t know who is in that house at any given time.  One hundred years ago, very FEW people owned a vehicle, now we have so many models and manufacturers, the sky is the limit with few ever considering if they are right sizing for their family, for themselves or in consideration of anyone else. Cuisine is just a fancy word for FOOD, but we sure do have a hankering for that too – we eat more food today than ever in history, but we also throw away more than anyone realizes.


What will it take for us to be satisfied with anything?  Even the information we can look through today is progressing at such a rate that few believe it can not be easily tracked any longer because of the sheer volume of it. We can flip on the news channel, to learn what is going on around the globe, where in the matter of mere seconds to minutes, tragedy can strike close to home.  We’ve grown restless in leaning on the Everlasting Arms for our satisfaction.


We SHOULD be satisfied!  But there are others too, which is what leads me up to this point – each of us need to be Satisfied and it should surely show through our lives with Whom we are indebted by His greatest Gift, His Son.  The six areas are interestingly enough from the Old Testament – God knew what He was doing – I’ve just got to follow.

Who Shall Be Satisfied With Jesus?

I Shall Be
The Meek Shall Be
We Shall Be
Life Shall Abide
My People Shall Be

This Series DID NOT start out this way… It began with Him being Satisfied, but as a little deeper digging took place, it dawned upon me that if we would be Satisfied in Him, He will be Satisfied with us naturally to Him. Can we put down all those things that are SUCH a distraction to us, to get alone with Him once again? Call me old school, but I like getting out my Bible in looking up contexts of passages of Scripture, journal writing and getting off by myself to pray and meditate. As much as technology is used in my daily routine of assisting others, it reminds me that God the Creator is the High Tech One because He Built us, we don’t have to show anything off to Him.  Are you Satisfied with Christ in your life? Does He satisfy your every need? Does He provide everything for us already?  Will we, as His People, be Satisfied with Him once again, such that it is evident that He Reigns Supreme in our lives? As much as I want Him to be Satisfied with me, it is realized that actually is performed the other way around – I must be Satisfied with Him being my All in All and my Ever’thing!

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