At times the lines are blurred as to just how we see or even consider how Salvation has been given to us – for it has indeed been GIVEN, for it COST our Saviour His LIFE as the ultimate Sacrifice! Can we indeed as individuals “SEE” this Salvation in others? Do we “KNOW” how that is shown to be True to others through our lives? It is not of or in ourselves, but it is by the reflection that is made REAL in our lives. Have we stopped for others to smell the the Rose which have been bestowed in us, for He LIVES?

It is understood that each of us, Saved or unsaved, is a sinner, but Salvation grants the Believer to be Saved by Grace, through Faith – ALONE. There should be a reflection, ever so slight even on the first day, of the change in an individual that has placed their Faith and Trust in the Lord Jesus Christ as their Saviour.  What is being described here is purely Salvation – nothing more, nothing less – by Grace, through Faith – ALONE.

There Are No Other Things

This Series beginning (for which it is written about) is made from an open heart of a man who truly knew that a part of his audience in which would read his article would find some small, insignificant matter in which to use against him. The process of “mattering” has most likely been repeated in one form or another since the beginning of mankind – for Lucifer used it in the Garden of Eden. It can be thought of in this manner, gifts that come with strings attached – I know personally of a few folks that seem to only give them (gifts) when they feel they can have some form of control (of the receiver).

The question the man proposed were similar to ones we might ask in helping another Brother or Sister in the Lord:

Have I done Justice to Them as a Brother in Christ?
Did I Lead Them in the Right Manner on Matters Biblically?
Was My Time Spent Wisely on Their Account?
Were My Responses Focused Correctly upon God’s Word, not my Own?
Has My Investment of Time been God Oriented?

We can ask all the questions under the sun, still coming away with some doubt in our positive nurture of others – but there is one thing we cannot offer, nor can we deny – Salvation is NOT of our doing.  We can share our Testimony – but that is not Salvation, it tells our story on our account, which is most positively the best way to be an effective witness. We are SO accustom to doing something, that accepting God’s Gift of Salvation, which was paid for by Jesus Christ, seems foreign.


When we consider why it seems foreign, we have MUCH to learn. One of the reasons it sounds so odd and unrealistic is because we may not be spending time in God’s Word to discover just how “simple” and “true” He has indeed made it.  This Series is built upon ten (10) passages that can help us realize that it is of God’s Doing and not of our own.  As Christians it would do us well to learn these and further read His Word to “see” all the things He does cover in His Word.  It’d surprise a great many folks, upon a little study, what His Word actually covers – a challenge would be to find something it doesn’t address, rather than what we think He missed.


There are ten (10) phrases presented, along with corresponding passages of Scripture tied to prints which give a visual appeal to having the Word of God presented in front of us.  May we as Christians realize the opportunity we have to witness others and know more than just the ABCs or Roman’s Road when sharing the Gospel with others – the Word has much to say about Salvation.


through Faith • He hath Clothed me • to the soul that Seeketh
to every one that Believeth • to the end of the Promise
the Glory of God • of our Inheritance • the Grace of God
a Lively Hope • Contend for the Faith

Salvation is not a “gift” that a Christian can give to another individual, each person has to accept that on their own accord and believing… It is an entirely different thing to consider whether or not another individual can “see” Salvation in a Christian – because they VERY well can how the “Gift” has changed us.  As Christians we have much influence on the Saved and non-Saved alike, for the better or the worse.  How we represent our God and Saviour can have a “life or death” realization in another persons life. What we show others, because of what we believe ourselves, will provide some type of influence – be it good or bad – upon that persons life. Do you as a Christian “Believe” each of the passages of Scripture used in this Series? Do these passages ring true in our lives? The better we can show from God’s Word what He Says about Salvation, the more likely we are to share His Word with others so they might have Salvation.  We cannot add anything to it, but we can show how it has changed EVERYTHING in each of us because of it!

Salvation is by Grace through Faith Alone |

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