Do we often consider what other people say? We most likely have heard something similar to this phrase being used within our hearing sometime in our lifetime: “If you had only listened the first time, then this would not have happened, but you wouldn’t listen now would you…”  Many of those times someone has given a word of caution to us about this one thing or another would happen if we chose not to listen to the advice and warning — if you’re like me, I did it anyway.  By not listening, the “that will never happen to me” event turned into reality – in the most real of manners.

Even to a point, as is often the case today in a VERY out of touch reality, we will be issued warnings, like “I’m going to count to three…” or “You are really getting to get yourself in trouble if you continue…”  So, with a far less structured system than when I was a child, we know of a far more relaxed penalty system with even less restrictions.  Repeatedly, the same things that would have me “remembering who was the boss”, are all but dismissed as if they will never carry a penalty at all.

Have we ever wondered how God the Father feels when He has given us repeated warnings?  To keep from causing you to run the other direction, will soften the “how” I got this Series completed.  My Bible study guide made for this Series is 100 pages long/thick – you are reading that right – 100 pages.  The words used in a single verse of “saith the Lord” in any combination is 854 times – 841 in the Old Testament and 13 in the New Testament.  The specific phrase in “saith the LORD” was found 611 times in the OT and 0 in the NT.  Every one of those statements was read and researched before this study was completed.

The Holy Spirit impressed on me to do something never done before in a Bible study – go backwards.  Read the end result of disobedience first, then all the warnings, going back to the original request to gain a better picture of how they got into SO much trouble.  Used three pens – green for good/positive, red for bad/negative and black for neutral/statement.  What was discovered?  The folks in the Bible are some REALLY stubborn people!  Reminds me of me when I don’t listen.

What Was The Positive

My very being has been challenged by this study done many months ago now with the starting Scripture for me – Jeremiah 29:12 | KJV:

“For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end. Then shall ye call upon me, and ye shall go and pray unto me, and I will hearken unto you.”
Jeremiah 29:12 | King James Version

Eleven total verses just jumped right off the page at me during the research part for Series from this study because of the following particular phrases:

  • 00 – I Know The Thoughts
  • 01 – Let Us Reason
  • 02 – Ye Are My Witnesses
  • 03 – Which Leadeth Thee
  • 04 – This Is My Covenant
  • 05 – For All Those Things
  • 06 – Ask For The Old Paths
  • 07 – Prove Me Now Herewith
  • 08 – For It Is Written
  • 09 – Be Ye Separate
  • 10 – I Am Alpha and Omega

What will each of us find in these eleven (11) verses?


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