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The concept for this Series came about from a t-shirt produced by one of my favorite Christian wearable creation, marketing company. It was not the most visual item on the t-shirt that caught my attention – actually the smallest and least noticable that appears almost accidental. The first impression gained immediately is the verse of Scripture: I Corinthians 9:24

Know ye not that they which run in a race run all, but one receiveth the prize? So run, that ye may obtain.
I Corinthians 9:24 | King James Version

The idea that is being built upon is sports, a competitive environment, by the use of a jersey type of visual cue:


The incredible visual trigger becomes an influence as to what is being targeted to be brought to the front of our minds – Racing and Winning. Simple and noticeable is the RACE TO WIN. If something is worth doing, it should be worth it to us to do that action well. Almost by placement by obscurity, the item that caught my attention is the following, faint line:


Almost by placement by obscurity, the item that caught my attention, is the following, faint line:


This technique is not wrong or trying to hide items necessarily — I use the same technique with DeliverTheWord.com.  For this example, the obscurity is TOO OBSCURE unless folks have a reason to look closer.  How we run our race is important!  As with all that we do, we should do all as unto the Lord.  More important to my mind is being able to maintain a Good Testimony during every level of the race – it is the “How” we do things that can have such an impact on those watching to see how “real” our relationship is with our Saviour.

Our Relationships

So many times we want to make comparisons as the relationship factor in looking, discussing or considering our stand/position with another person, which is contrary to the Bible.  Each of us have a competitive streak in us in some area of our lives, which can – even in an instant – cause us to be critical in a manner unbecoming of a Child of God.  As we are running, we want to do so with a testimony and integrity that speaks more than we may say with our mouths.

My Grandpa Turner had a statement which he made about comparing ourselves to others which has stuck with me all these many years later, which goes like this:

“Always remember that there will always be someone bigger than (above) you and others that are smaller than (below) you – be careful how you treat them, it should not be any different than how you want them to treat you.”
William Burton Turner

What a solid statement and truth – because how we treat them is how they may feel or think that our Heavenly Father might treat them.


The race is not a comparison, but it is one of character, honesty and contest.  It does not mean that there will not be comparison, goal setting and achievement – we are to remember the focus should not be those things. Competitiveness is NOT a bad thing as long as we keep the right perspective and eye on the prize of the High Calling that it is – unto our God.


This Series focuses on the reason to run and how we should run our race.  Beginning with how to begin and who we are running for, with and for the benefit.

Choosing to Run a Certain Way

So Obtain | In All Things | Into Subjection | Such An Heart
That It May Be Well | As Are Upright | Able To Bear It | I Will Run
Consider This People | A Time To | Which Is Given | All May Abound
How You Ought | Blessed Promise & Looking Unto Jesus

Each of us will find ourselves in various races on any given day, the most important one is the Christian Life.  There are phases of our daily lives that may not be a stumbling block for us, but we need to “stop & watch” to find out who it may be a challenge – then adjust.  These fifteen (15) items are areas which would help every Christian to consider how we are running.  We each should “Run In Such A Way” that uplifts our Saviour, Honors our Heavenly Father and Encourages others to join in the race, to run their race to win for the Cause of Christ!

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