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This Series is a direct result of a Mother’s response to a school assignment in the public schools system.  Okay, before you tune me out, let me explain from a 40,000 foot view what pierced my heart – it wasn’t the assignment in question, nor was it the response, it was HOW the response was made.  We as Christians should make responses to the daily challenges in life in light of the Holy Spirit and the Guidance He brings to our lives, through the study and learning of God’s Holy Word. I’m afraid that last part has endangered the Christian response, such that it is little different than the world’s response to the exact same set of circumstances.

Without going into all the intricate details of the incident, let me just put it this way – a child (7th grade) was given an assignment in school, which included a QR code in which to scan with a SmartPhone, that would yield an audio recording which they were to listen to for the report. The Mother’s response was actually pretty good, even the pieces of it were made on solid footing, yet there was a glaring issue that overshadowed any positiveness given.

Glaring Issue

This mother failed to consider the consequences of reflecting badly on the cause of Christ.  All of the individual pieces have merit, else I would not have put this Series together as a set and warning to all Christian’s as to how we respond to worldly events and requirements.  To be honest, personally was impressed at her list of Bible passages listed – they were and are INCREDIBLE as a set of tools in response as to depending on the Lord as our Provider, Rock and  Saviour.  The issue then?  The tyrannical manner in which they were presented – it was NO better than that material presented by the school system to be taught in the classroom.

Might she have been placed in the perfect situation to be a witness to that specific teacher?  Could it be that by God’s Providence that Mother might have been placed in that situation to help her child understand what God’s Word says about other false religions. Might this have been just what her child/ren could have been taught to better understand and stand up for themselves in the classroom?


Unfortunately (which is most likely going to be the case) the Mother created a reputation for herself, where it would MORE appropriate to show through the Reputation of God, His Mercy, Love and Compassion – than herself, as any sinner would.  What are those things that are hot buttons for us individually? Do we stop before we write, share or speak to consider the Representation of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ we are making?  Majority of her “physical” responses could have been made into pluses, positives, supports – but they were clouded about with terrible personal witness – such that any good intended, will most likely be so buried – little good may possibly come of it.


Fortunately, we have a firm set of reminders, found in God’s Word, that can and will help us with our responses if we will think of them FIRST – the responding accordingly.  The responses developed from the Word of God is SURE and the Holy Spirit residing in each of us as Christians will keep us in His Will when we choose to rely upon Him.

Sure Responses

Strong in the Lord
Wait Upon the LORD
Love the Lord
Grace is Sufficient
A Very Present Help
Be Thou Not Far

Each of us have had those situations occur where we were PERFECTLY right to be angry, upset and want to provide a response.  The challenge to that entire thought is the word “want” – it is our want-er that needs to be affected by the leading of the Holy Spirit.  How we say things, no matter how absurd the situation may appear to be, can be the most impact robbing and long lasting.  Our intent may be that we want to give this person or that person a “piece of our minds” which something comes up.  Even when there is a fundamental challenge being faced, there is always a right and a wrong way of approaching each of those situations.  Would our Saviour be pleased with our responses over telling the world where they can stick their stuff?  My Bible tells me that would NOT be the case.  What part of the Bible are you going to show people who seem to be on the wrong side of the tracks? Your Actions, Emotions, Reactions, Words, Body Language, Attitude may be telling a completely different story than the one coming off your lips, thus out of your heart. May we point them to Him, instead of turning them away.

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