Over the years have heard so many times about folks who are just “worn out” or get “burned out” on the ministry, but rarely does that phrase get applied to a mass group of folks who really exhibit the tendency. Those people are “Christians” in general if you will, who may have never really gotten plugged in to a solid body of Believers. You and I may see or hear of it as many things, including the following:

  • Just don’t have time to read the Bible with all my other stuff
  • Might as well not read that old thing, don’t understand it anyway
  • Got Saved, I’m Good and have my ticket
  • We use to go when we had more time
  • Getting everyone up and ready so early on Sunday is just too much
  • After the kids were up and grown, we didn’t see the need
  • Who needs that stuff, we are doing just as well as anyone that goes to that church

How many more could we add to the list – certain there would be pages… What all of those have in common, is all of them are outward appearances, not an inward inspection. In order to “Renew”, there must be something that is used to refresh, restore and reactivate from the inside so it SHOWS up on the outside. It is a process of Encouragement and being changed by the inner working of the Holy Spirit through God’s Word. It is the process of edification and understanding what God the Father has for us, what the Lord Jesus Christ Redeemed us to have the opportunity to be and what the Holy Spirit guides as we are being each day.


Enlightenment | The Most Dangerous Burning Out

Some folks would think that the word “Edification” and “Enlightenment” mean the same thing. They are NOT anywhere close on the spectrum of meaning of the renewal process. In Buddhism, it is the “awakening to ultimate truth by which man is freed from the endless cycle of personal reincarnations”. For Hinduism, it is the state of transcendent divine experience – the ultimate goal of all religion. Philosophically, it was started as a moment stressing the importance of reason, innovations and the critical re-appraising of existing ideas and social institutions of the times. Edification is more tightly aligned with Spiritual improvement and learning based upon teaching from God’s Word.


While there were positive things borne out of the Enlightening times, which would include the propagation of the Word of God to the world, the focus was mainly centered on the individual, while removing the Bible. It is amazing to me that folks will do more for a “religion” in the many steps required, but do not consider that what the Lord really wants is a Relationship than a followship. To boot, He gives us all the Instructions and Tools to make it happen – the Word of God, the Holy Spirit, Spiritual Gifts and Talents.

  • The closer we walk with Him, the more we will talk to Him.
  • The more we talk to Him, the more we will be like Him.
  • The more we are like Him, the renewal process becomes a daily part of our lives.

Just a little talk with Jesus… made me whole… makes it right… We indeed an be Renewed Day By Day.  Here are the titles of the nine (9) prints for this Series:

Renewing Of The Inner Man Titles

  1. Day By Day
  2. In Earthen Vessels
  3. Not Destroyed
  4. By His Spirit
  5. Delight In The Law
  6. Shall Be The Covenant
  7. The Candle Of The Lord
  8. Thy Salvation
  9. To The Heart

Refreshing to know that while we may wear out on the outside and even be weary, our Spirit can be refreshed daily and we can walk, talk, do for the Lord as He provides – always…


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