Who is God the Father to YOU? A seemingly pointed question that every Christian should ask themselves every now and then; when is the last time you asked yourself that question? Would you or I be able to list twenty-one (21) things the LORD is to us, sort of like the thought behind Twenty One Questions, reminiscent of the childhood guessing game.  Instead of course a person asking twenty-one fact finding questions about a single item, would we be able to give Praise and Honor to our Heavenly Father?

Reason, Praise and Honor is a part of those additional items presented in this Series.  An entire chapter of Scripture, Psalm 145 | KJV, is one of those passages where we are given just that – an opportunity to Praise and Honor Him for being our LORD and God.  These are just a “peak” into vast and different ways He is Good toward us.

My God…

Each of the prints present a single verse of Scripture, with the exception of eleven (11), which has two (2) verses because of an incomplete sentence and/or thought. The prints fit into one of two categories, the first being “personal identification” and the second being “unmerited favor recognition”.  There are more than twice more “personal identification” [14] than there are “unmerited favor recognition” [6] prints which follow the mindset of Him being a Personal God to each of His Children.

It helps to understand that what our Creator God wants above all else is to have a PERSONAL relationship with EACH and EVERY one of us!  As we learn more about Him, His Son Jesus and the integral part of the Holy Spirit’s work in our lives, we will more clearly see how we can identify the Reasons as they occur to Praise Him.  God’s Word, His Written, Breathed Word, the Bible, contains the Love Letter of all generations which covers everyone.


Beginning with the very first print, the Reason we have is that we can know Him:

My God is Personal
“I will extol thee, my God, O king; and I will bless thy name for ever and ever.”
Psalm 145:1 | King James Version


An incredible twenty (20) items pulled from twenty-one (21) verses of Scripture from an entire chapter of Psalms is presented so we can more fully understand how Incredible our Creator God really is to each of us.

Twenty Reasons to Praise Him

Personal | Sovereign | Great & Unsearchable | Acts on My Behalf
Majestic | Greatness | Righteous | Gracious
Good to All | To Be Praised | Known to Me | Everlasting
Helps Me | Provides | Generous | Holy
Near to Me | Listens | Preserves | Brings Justice

Is there a single something that makes you want to stop whatever is being done at a moments notice to just PRAISE the Lord?  What is it that others see in you or I that gives them a clear indication Who is the One that is the object of your or my affection? As we consider how our lives count for the Cause of Christ, this Series gives us twenty (20) examples from just one chapter in Psalms.  May we realize that all that we do has an impact on those around us, whether it be for the positive good or having a negative shadow cast that we’d surely never intend on purpose. On purpose we can indeed share with others the Reason to Praise Him! Who is looking for you and I to do so?

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