Meeting someone who has been in the Ministry of Serving the Lord for sixty (60) years is indeed an honor and a privilege to begin with, but to be influenced by them is to take a few steps in their shoes every time one runs across the passion, love and dedication they have in the Ministry. In the Ministry, that influence is truly a blessing, which will FAR outlive their mortal lives upon this earth.  Dr. Don Sisk is one such individual who is that kind of influence on my life, ministry and service unto the Lord.

So many folks want to share with us their “facts about life”, with little regard to how that might apply in all areas in our own lives because of the Relationships we may have already established.  One such Relationship (notice that it is capitalized) is the between me and my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Anyone who knows me knows, that the answers to challenges received about anything Spiritual is going to come from God’s Word – for they are indeed the Father’s Word to begin with, for which I have NO ability to improve upon.  Dr. Sisk is one of those individuals which I’ve patterned myself after in this regard – he has a Bible answer for each question he’s been asked, for indeed he knows Who has all the answers and the keys to the questions we have yet to ask.

Biblical & Practical Advice

Each and every thing we do has a rhyme and reason for having occurred, otherwise why would it have occurred?  From the very first item mentioned in this “short list” version from his book, Dr. Sisk answers a VERY pointed question that most of us have asked ourselves many times, even in recent days – what things are most important for me right now?  There is NO replacement for the relationships that you and I hold dear – the most precious one we have is with our Saviour.

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People are FAR more valuable than things, for they will last eternally.  We should not value things above people, while of course there is nothing wrong with having things, those things only last for a little while.  The advice presented in this Series is the shortened or condensed version of what is in the book, but gives each of us the concept of challenge/scripture matching which is applicable for each question we pose to be answered.


There are ten (10) principles presented in this Series for consideration in changing our lives, lifestyle and devotion.

Principles for Life

  • Relationships are more important than fame or things.
  • Nothing anyone can do to me can harm me; only my reaction will harm me.
  • It is more blessed to give than to receive.
  • Each person is a creation of God and is unique.
  • Happiness is a by-product of faithfulness to God and not a goal.
  • If I am careful to do the little things well, the big things will take care of themselves.
  • Change is always possible. Neither success nor failure is final.
  • I must not take myself too seriously.
  • Everyone and everything are my teachers. We are interdependent.
  • Be all that you are wherever you are.

These ten (10) Principles are tougher to make real in our lives than they may at first appear due to a bevy of circumstances, situations and challenges.  It is my sincere hope that each one will be considered in the light of God’s Word and applied to each and every persons heart in the manner which the Holy Spirit intends and attends.  Have you noticed something odd, yet? Who is being pointed to by this Series? You and God. Me and God. Nowhere is the comparison of it being me and you, then God. Neither is there Dr. Sisk and you, or Dr. Sisk and me – nor any combination of the three.  It is simply each of us and God, through His Son Jesus, with the Holy Spirit working in each of us individually, working on these Principles taken DIRECTLY from God’s Word. There is not one thing complicated about it.

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