In a day when “depression” is considered all kinds of things, it does appear to be VERY important for us to have this discussion with a basis of understanding by definition of what we are discussing. This definition is VERY basic and simplistic, by design, not by accident.  Even over the past fifty (50) years, the notion of what “depression” consists of has changed so drastically that it hardly resembles it’s original self.

Notion of Depression

We’ve become very pro-med to deal with the challenges we focus on to “better” for everyone as a population, that we have become as the old saying goes “we’ve been penny wise, but pound foolish” so to speak. Modern psychology and psychiatry have added their own twist to the issue, but the problem does NOT rest on or with them – it sits squarely in our court, in a realm which we should know all about.

Through each of the passages of Scripture one will find that the person who is the one who found themselves in the place they were. Even the most stubborn of them, asked, begged and sought out ways to solve the issue (mostly in their own strength to begin with), often finding that safe haven in the Arms of their Heavenly Father, right in the middle of the raging storm.

Because one has a difficulty getting through a particularly hard situation with, let’s say a death in the family, does not mean they are possessed with some demon, nor does it mean they are not saved. When a person who was believed to be a “Christian” is running away from God over a situation, it doesn’t mean they are un-Saved – Jonah ring a bell with anyone? I’ve had a little being of a “Jonah” time in my life myself.  As a person walks away from going to church for a time over a situation, you cannot toss them out and dismiss them as being “not really converted”. If you do, then I’d hate to see what you have to say about ALL the Disciples – they went back to their old jobs – IMMEDIATELY after Jesus died on the cross.

I’d be the first to admit that my first place of reference is the Bible with folks that are having grave difficulty with a situation, struggle or event – but that is because as a Christian, that is where we are SUPPOSED to start.

The Definition

A sinking of the spirits; dejection; a state of sadness; want of courage or animation; as depression of the mind.


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