This Series has been a tough one to write, a deep delve into God’s Word and an interesting one to develop.  When someone mentions “depression” in this day and age, one’s mind almost automatically goes to the picture of a “person” who has become so saddened, drawn back, hardened and has trouble with even the most basic of daily functioning – who also takes a drug to manage life. If you have been on this planet long enough to learn to read this, then someone undoubtedly just came to mind that fits that description… it could even be yourself.

It has been difficult for me to complete this Series without stopping multiple times to Thank the Lord for helping me through my own times.  The topic of “depression” is taboo to so many, but is REAL to everyone, which includes Christians alike. I’ve heard a few Christians, even some Pastors and Pastoral Staff, mock the very real challenge of clinical and chemical depression of an individual to the point that it become a question of their Salvation because of it.  When we find ourselves in the valley, that walk becomes VERY real…

While the following verses are not used in this Series directly, they are quite fitting for us as Christians to take a “heart” look at them:

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.
Psalm 23:4 | King James Version

If this is all you read and pay attention to, you’ve missed why it was EVEN said – go back one verse…

He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name’s sake.
Psalm 23:3 | King James Version

King David had a moment of being depressed, by definition:

A sinking of the spirits; dejection; a state of sadness; want of courage or animation; as depression of the mind.
Webster’s 1828 Dictionary

One of the Greatest men in the history of the world, a Choice Servant of God and lineage directly pointed to in Scripture, to the Birth of Christ, needed to be restored. Not only do lost people get depressed, so do Christians – whether that be physical, chemical, clinical or spiritual…

Need of Restoration

We as Christians have to recognize what is causing the “depressed” state and call out to our Heavenly Father for the help we so desperately are in need of receiving.  That call can be, as the first print declares – I’m Hurting – as we ask “Lord, Help Me…” with the following Scripture passage points out:

This poor man cried, and the LORD heard him, and saved him out of all his troubles. The angel of the LORD encampeth round about them that fear him, and delivereth them.
Psalm 34:6-7 | King James Version

As this Series developed, ten (10) men (one being a group of them) were written down as reminders to me of individuals in the Bible who would fit our definition of “depressed” at one time or another in their walk with God.  Those include:

Job, Noah, Kind David, Elijah, Paul
Disciples, Nebuchadnezzar, King Solomon, Jonah, Nicodemus

They each had challenges and restoration times,  for indeed they were human, just like we are.


The challenge for imbalance in the human body is one we still don’t fully understand.  We must realize also that for some people it is not caused by consuming things forbidden, committing an act of rebellion or one created by our actions. Granted now, we must also understand, there are a portion of people that can and do bring these challenges to themselves, to which they get to a point where they are out of control. The diving board design of the Logo for this Series is made up of the following prayer items:

Lord, Help Me… Not Hurt, Promise, Live, Stand, Know You
to Each Day Know More, Have Purpose & Manage

These are pieces which anyone suffering and/or battling depression can use to help them understand “Who” they need to talk to AND they should find someone to talk to that they trust/get help from which can provide the appropriate counsel on steps that need to be taken to identify what they are struggling with from a human perspective.


There are a total of sixteen (16) prints in this Series, with the first one being a Definition of what “depression” is and the perspective we can see in others from the Bible and what God’s Word says about it to Encourage us to stay in close communication with Him, but keeping our Fellowship open, honest and humble.

Lord, Help Me…

I’m Hurting
Know You Keep Promises
Know You Live In Me
Know You Stand With Me
Face Each Day
Know You Intimately Know Me
Know My Value
Know You Collect My Tears
Know My Purpose
Know We Are His Workmanship
Know We Are For The Master’s Use
Know He Is Working Inside Of Me
Manage My Depression
Understand Nothing Is Too Hard For Thee
Know All Is Known Unto You

We each will struggle with some type of setback, challenge, difficulty, roadblock or negative influence which can tailspin into focusing on the situation to a point of being or experiencing depression. No one is immune to the challenge of it – it is not an affliction experienced by only one group of segment of society, or humanity for that matter. Some would even go so far as to say that if you suffer from depression a person’s Salvation is in serious question. It simply is NOT so.  Sometimes how we handle or deal with a challenge in our lives can slide us there by our own devices, where we dwell there WAY too long and strain our fellowship with others and even with our Heavenly Father. I pray that everyone who crosses this Series will take the time to read the entire site developed for it – it is longer than just his post. SO many are hurting, for I believe that a large majority of the cases for and of “depression” are because the person is hurting. These fifteen (15) passages and pointed statements are a starting point for the Christian to realize something can be done about it AND someone, God Himself, cares for them.  For those that the issues is much deeper and not of one’s control, help them find someone to talk to and work to find the balancing agent which will alleviate the challenge as the Lord gives the doctors the ability to diagnose and treat them so they can get back to being the Servant God wants so desperately for them to be for Him. Are you the one that has the difficulty?  Is it someone you know, love and care for? Pray for them, yourself and how you can be the person that convinces them to get help.  Start with the God of All Creation and let Him Direct the path for the solution.

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