This Series really has swelled up and poured out over thirty words and verses from the Word of God – the Bible.  It really began as just a few verses and only six words, before it reached the set it is now in completion. James 5:13-16 had been written down on a “concept” card for a good while, so as a recent sermon by our Pastor reminded me of it, you can see the finished product that fits together like a puzzle.  Each one interlocks and completes one another.  The words build upon the end word – Again.

At First Glance

The verses which this Series is built have a building block example of how one should pray, provided in the form of question then answer for each.  Am reminded, as is done every Sunday in the class that Melissa and I have the honor to teach, that we can teach others HOW TO pray – but we CAN NOT teach them TO pray, that comes from the LORD!  As we go through each lesson, a building block plan is used, much like this verse, on the how’s or mechanics of praying given to us directly from the Word of God, the Bible.  It is REALLY that simple, just as we come to Him in childlike faith, so should we return to Him asking so.

Not childish in any manner, but in Faith that believes like a child does – that the LORD can, and will, do what is right, just, merciful and righteous – just as He has to usward in Salvation. II Timothy 3:14-15 show us this thought process clearly:

“But continue thou in the things which thou hast learned and hast been assured of, knowing of whom thou hast learned them; And that from a child thou hast known the holy scriptures, which are able to make thee wise unto salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus.”
II Timothy 3:14-15 | King James Version

We indeed need to realize that our praying can be a constant stream of conversation with the Heavenly Father, unfortunately I’m not there yet…  This is as much a reminder to me as it would be anyone – the question is “Is any…?” and the appropriate response is “Let him…”


In The Real World

Oftentimes we each may face a specific challenge or circumstance which might cause us a set back, a slow down in life or an utter derailment, but it doesn’t have to remain that way.  This Series is all about that very thing, thirty (30) items which we can do “Again” because the Lord gives us the ability, opportunity and possibility to do so.  But first, we are going to have to get in tune with the Heavenly Father – we need both the Word of God and a Throne Room visitation plan.  Only then will the remaining twenty-nine (29) “Again’s” make sense to us, because then and only then will we be receptive and open to the change that God the Father will make in us through the Holy Spirit in order to work them.


The following “list” so to speak, contains thirty “Again” statements which can be build as phrases, such as: “prepare to Endure Again”, “experience Grace Again” and “know Peace Again”.

Brought To Life List

  1. Pray Again!
  2. Endure
  3. Grace
  4. Peace
  5. Heart
  6. Thought
  7. Consider
  8. Kingdom
  9. Morrow
  10. Justified
  11. Answer
  12. Sustain
  13. Commendeth
  14. Overcome
  15. Consider
  16. Humble
  17. Hearken
  18. Heard
  19. Closet
  20. Willing
  21. Believe
  22. Forgive
  23. Ready
  24. Always
  25. Seeth
  26. Examine
  27. Approve
  28. Fruitful
  29. Thanks
  30. Whatsoever

Each of these words come from God’s Living Word to each of us, one’s in which can be a reminder of His Gracious Love or those that we need to return to Him for guidance and help re-applying in our lives.  For some of us, it will probably be a combination of the two – a daily reminder that Prayer is our strongest asset to the One who can help us with it All.

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