One has to consider, at one point in our lives, where we are going point our sails so to speak.  Oftentimes that pointing is done with some distant goal in mind, a place to be, things to have or maybe even how we might be able to help others with a certain difficulty or problem.  While doing so, we rarely know who those people that we will cross paths with along the way, whether they be enablers, hinders or just passers by during the journey.

The “world” would try to convince us to only seek out those who will benefit us and allow us those higher privileges to be experienced as we climb that “Important” or “Corporate” ladder of life.  Memberships and elite invitations are highly sought, as is having one’s name listed with prestige among those that excel and represent success, at all levels of life.  It is the benefits that come with these associations which the “world” covets and treasures, marking the arrival of prominence.

What if we had the opportunity to have the guide right when we start off?  Would it be, or could it be, possible for us to have benefits and privileges that don’t tarnish or go away?  While working on a Bible study for a Series on the Cross, ran across this statement made by Matthew Henry:


“The precious benefits and privileges which flow from justification are such as should quicken us all to give diligence to make it sure to ourselves that we are justified, and then to take the comfort it renders to us, and to do the duty it calls for from us. The fruits of this tree of life are exceedingly precious.”
Matthew Henry

[Matthew Henry’s Commentary on the Whole Bible]

The starting off of research work in Romans 5 with our being justified by Jesus Blood in Romans 5:8-9 | KJV:

But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. Much more then, being now justified by his blood, we shall be saved from wrath through him.
Romans 5:8-9 | King James Version

The two words that matched the two phrases are “power” and “cross”, matching the first two phrases in the following list:

  • Tree of Life
  • Through Him
  • God of Hope
  • Suffer All Things
  • Power of God
  • Above All
  • Made Conformable
  • Giving Thanks
  • For Your Sake
  • Deliver Them
  • Worthy Is The Lamb
  • He That Taketh
  • Follow Me
  • The Power of God
  • Having Made Peace
  • Looking Unto Jesus

Isn’t it wonderful to know that we can have all the benefits and privileges which flow from justification because of the Blood of Jesus Christ!  The Fruit of that Tree, being the Cross served as to the “why” not the “what” of the Fruit.  Even while were yet sinners, Christ gave His life that we might have Eternal life with Him.  That indeed is the Power of the Cross this Series speaks of…

There are sixteen images in this Series which are titled in the before mentioned list.  An incredible reminder and just the BEGINNING of how God’s Word is the Book, Word, Sword, Manual, Instruction Book, the list goes on, and on…  All of those things point to HIM!


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