A single statement, that just pops into your head or into view, can alter MORE than just a thought pattern – it can help change a life pattern. Which is one of the reasons that God’s Word never ceases to amaze me!  Just in this past week two statements have been made (by me) about friends and enemies…

“If that is what you expect from friends, I’d hate to know what your enemies would dish out” & “That is the reason they that you are to keep friends close and enemies even closer…”

That thought is actually from the Word of God, found in Proverbs 16:7

When a man’s ways please the LORD, he maketh even his enemies to be at peace with him.
Proverbs 16:7 | King James Version

Which brought on…

A Different Approach

As soon as the digging began, the results appeared to be a little different in how the search was turning up Scripture references.  The New Testament references seemed to have a different tone to them, which later when the Old Testament were compared, it was very different indeed.  The NT are presented from a “when” perspective, as in when you get to this point or place, “remember” this that I’m telling you.  “We having” and “Now thanks be” are two examples given that show us that from II Corinthians chapter 4 and 2.

The instant it was noticed, a tweak was made in the presentation, so it could be noted by visual differences.  The Old Testament verses of Scripture are based upon “if” and “might” for the actions to be true, as if they had not an example to follow.  In a large degree, that is exactly what it is – we have the Holy Spirit resident within us as Christians AND Jesus Christ was conceived, born, lived, died and rose again to provide the instruction and daily living example we are given to model.



It is NOT a Salvation or no Salvation question of consideration for the New Testament versus the Old Testament, it is because the NT is written in large part to Christians as a daily living book verses a historical book that the OT provides for us.  Do keep in mind that “mans ways” are the considerations for this Series.  It was very interesting to see that played out in the verses of the “more sure Word” we have now than they did then – what an AMAZING GOD we serve!


There are twenty-two (22) total words which make up this Series in some three pieces: the defining, New Testament and Old Testament.

Verse Association

Defining | Please

New Testament | Better, Blessing, Ensue, Answer, Gospel, Light, Life, Faith, Eternal, Triumph, Savour, Stand

Old Testament | Heart, Keep, Love, Establish, Diligent, Charge, Strength, Eyes, Obey

We should so want to Please The Lord in every thing we do – it should be what “Defines Us” in such a convoluted world today.  When others see us living to Please Him, doing what is Right in His Eyes, even the most callused of the world will know the Who we serve.  Personally know it is true because it is the world that is worked in, do you?

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