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Each day provides to be an adventure in life, especially when a priority is placed on what makes the adventure work for the individual.  Seems pretty simple, or is it?  The title of this Series, Pleading for Restoration, should peak the interest of a broad range of thought, but there is one in particular that is being solicited – our Relationship with our Heavenly Father, our daily walk with the Lovely Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and our listening to the Holy Spirit, which resides in EVERY Christian. My daily study and creativity, with a whole lot of strung together prayer, allows for me to have several pokers in the fire so to speak – which permeates EVERY thing that is done.  The adventure affects my outlook, where my sight is placed, what is allowed to be heard, the very speech used to speak to others, who will be spent time around, how situations are handled and most importantly why things are done the way they are – we should be seeking to be fully Restored.

Without dipping into all five of the chapters of the Book of Lamentations, a theme is very evident from chapter 3, which is where the focus will be placed for this Series – Restoration.  Our lives, each of them and everyone’s, are dependent on whether or not we are willing to see where it is we live – we live “in a world deserving of condemnation…”

Fully Restored

Just as with witnessing to an individual about the Eternal state of that person’s soul, we must begin by understanding our very nature – as did the writer God the Creator used to write Lamentations 3:40-42:

Let us search and try our ways, and turn again to the LORD. Let us lift up our heart with our hands unto God in the heavens. We have transgressed and have rebelled: thou hast not pardoned.
Lamentations 3:40-42 | King James Version

We indeed are the ones who should be searching and trying our ways, for by the way of human nature we are bent to do what we will and want – which is turned away from His Ways.  As with an individual who has never trusted Jesus Christ as their Saviour, they MUST first realize that they have never turned to Him in the FIRST place – which is to realize they are a sinner and no redemption is within them, of themselves.  Only when an individual comes to an understanding that they are a sinner, in need of a Saviour, where the Holy Spirit pricks their own hearts, will it be seen as a need.  There is ONE very large difference here, but it did need explanation – this is written to SAVED people…

The verses may seem out of order for the presentation fact of the Series, but is to be noted – the Series is in order.  The theme verse is the “second” set of Scripture presented, such that we would consider why we need to Turn Again.

8x10 Landscape

The answering side of this Series gives us ten (10) assurances that we can indeed be Restored from our transgressions and reminds us of just Who He is to one of His Children!  This Series is designed specifically for the Born Again Believer, living in a world of condemnation, who doesn’t want to live that way!


The Pleadings list contains all of the parts to a process that each Christian can claim Victory over daily and presents the life change that can be made when each of us realize it has been put before of us in such a manner that would please Him for us to follow.


Lamentations | My Portion, Faithfulness, Turn Again, Fear Not

Hymn | Great is Thy Faithfulness

Restorations | Hope, Good, Wait, Seek, Salvation, Mercies, Morning, Compassion, Pardoned & Heard

It is my sincere hope that each of us as Christians will take the moment to recount our commitment and dedication to the study of God’s Word, in consideration of this Series.  By no means is this one exhaustive to any degree, but from just a “prick” to read Lamentations again, researching the background of the writing of the book and asking myself what is it Lord that you are trying to get me to see, this is the result.  What results are being shown in your life, in my life and those that we have influence over, through, within, because we are faithful to saturate our lives with God’s Word? You DO NOT have to roll through 2,400+ verses of Scripture with a fine tooth comb as has been done with this Series to learn what God has in store for us each day.  Part of what you are seeing here in this Series is how God’s Work affects me personally and those with whom I’ve some level or area of influence because of Him and the study of His Word. What passage will people see lived out through you and me today?  How about tomorrow?  What about what they hear us say?  God the Father promises to Restore us and gives us SO many promises to show us that He will.

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