Looking back over this year, having the time to spend in reflection of the many decisions made – some seemingly very minor, having small impacts to others which were major decisions that have had over-arching impacts – the road way has been paved with each of them, interlocking with others in some manner.  Some of those decisions have yielded an outcome most favorable, while others have been difficult in a few places – not clearly being able to distinguish whether it was really better or in some manner for the worse for one reason or other.  Each of our decisions will have an impact on others, either in a positive manner or in a negative way – it is a consequence of our choices and the actions we carry based on them.

The original statement which is what inspired this Series, is the following made by the Pastor of Hilltop Church, Jeff Jones:

“The road to your Victory, just like this man’s, is going to be Paved by Faith & Trust.” — Jeff Jones, Pastor | Hilltop Church

As a Christian, our Victory is already SECURE!!!  But, we have to remember that each step of that road will be paved as we walk it, live it out, ask our Heavenly Father for help to carry through and listen to the Holy Spirit guide us along our everyday lives IN the Relationship we have IN Christ.

Walk, Live, Ask & Listen

Those four words are crucial for each of us to recognize and realize the importance they present.  Each decision that we make in life will have an element of each of them as a concept or basis, our Lord doesn’t play tricks with us – His Way is paved by Truth and Light – in Him, by Him, for Him.  He provides the opportunity for us to do so with Guidance – by the Holy Spirit.

A manner or way to look at those four words would be the following…  As we move through life (the walking), we choose to participate or to ignore/go around events, people places (the live portion), where we can seek help from our Heavenly Father, or go it alone (the ask or talking) and make a choice to follow (to listen) the direction provided us by our staying in commune with our Saviour – exercising our Relationship with Christ, or of course be in rebellion… not depending on Him at all.


There are three definitions that are critical to get a hold of as Christians if this Truth is going to be made into application in the right and most effective manner:

Paved | Paved is the placement of events, circumstances and happenings as prepared passage is made by way of our Heavenly Father.

Faith | Faith is an affectionate practical confidence in the testimony of God.

Trust | Trust is placing our confidence and reliance upon the Word of God to complete what He has promised.

Notice that all of them have primary focus on God, Our Heavenly Father and the Word of God – that is NO accident…


There are many things that are presented in our lives with which we walk among, but there is a manner in which we can walk that is best – those items will be ones that help each of us as Christians be close to our Saviour.  The most important of those is Faith and Trust, which built upon a firm foundation of the Word of God – not the worlds idea of making it to the end.  There is Victory for the Christian along life’s way – here are a few of the pavers.

Road to Victory Paved By

Statements | Period, Persistence & Pray
Supports | Evidence, Heard, Unto You & Every One
Definitions | Paved, Faith, Trust, Persistence, Victory, Promises & Change
Phrases | He is My God, Way of the LORD, Being Justified, Diligently Seek, Walk By Faith, With the Heart, Shall Be Safe, Art My Hope, Do Good, Be Ye Reconciled, Thanks Be To God, All Should Come & In a Moment

Moment by moment, day by day, we live in world made up of decisions which pull and tug at us in a vile attempt to put ourselves on a broad road – one of destruction, humiliation and sorrow.  Many will NOT see or understand, blindly following the world, examining the “paved” road that they walk upon – often marking it in places of trial and despair. Sadly, there are even more who upon seeing others “paved” way will celebrate and remember just those small snippets of time, hanging on to those as rewards in life.  I’m here to share with you that our Road does NOT have to be like that AT ALL!  We have full access, as Christians, to Victory – made possible by the Blood of Jesus Christ – Who we can place our FULL Faith and Trust, for He has ALREADY paid for the Victory.  Each one of us will take different steps, but the Road is the same, as is the Saviour we MUST Trust to get each of us there.  Can others see Victory in your life today?  In even the worst circumstance that we can imagine, will we have a clear testimony of our Faith and Trust in the Lord?  Just this past week our family has seen it, shown it and shared it – it is my daily desire to exercise my Faith, to place my full Trust in Him and have others see my road I live Paved with the Goodness and Grace of God.

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