This second installment for this Revival Series contains an incredible presentation of Bible Scripture matched to profound Revival Quotes.  The focus of this set uses a Quote from Gypsy Smith as a launching point for us to consider in our seeking Revival in each of us: “Experiencing the Start of Revival.”  His prescription for doing so was to draw a circle, get yourself in it and ask God to convert US ourselves, essentially creating “Our Revival Circle” which is what this Series is named.

Do We Really Want Revival?

That is the question that has to be asked – for the answer comes from deep within us and no one else can answer that question for us individually.  It must be a realization that something is wrong in our own lives and something wrong with our loves.  The following definitions from the word “Revive” should help each of us more perfectly focus on the trouble.

Revival | REVI’VAL, n. [from revive.]

1. Return, recall or recovery to life from death or apparent death; as the revival of a drowned person.

2. Return or recall to activity from a state of languor; as the revival of spirits.

3. Recall, return or recovery from a state of neglect, oblivion, obscurity or depression; as the revival of letters or learning.

4. Renewed and more active attention to religion; an awakening of men to their spiritual concerns.

I have to, you have to, we all have to realize that ANY thing, item, going which comes before our following God the Father is a “step” from which we each will have to return.  It is personal, fiercely so, of which has to be taken care of at the foot of the Cross.  Will I draw our circle around the Cross with me IN the circle?  Will you?  Will we challenge others – ONLY after we have done so ourselves – to rekindle a walking Relationship with our Lord?

Reminders Shown In This Series

There are six Quote/Scripture combinations presented in this Series, which include the following concepts:

  1. Start of Revival — Gypsy Smith
  2. Spiritual Life — Charles H. Spurgeon
  3. Falling in Love — Vance Havner
  4. Awareness of God — Stephen Olford
  5. Prayer Chamber — E. M. Bounds
  6. Obedience to God — Charles Finney

Presentation Of This Series

There are two different presentation sets of images used instead of a single format for this site.  The standard images are landscape formatted 8×10 prints.  The additional images are provided through a gallery format combination of landscape and portrait 16×24 prints.  The gallery set is available for purchase as a download only, as it is a challenge for printers to turn professional size work around in a timely manner.

It is my sincere hope that these bold prints will both show off God’s Handiwork and draw folks attention to His Word presented on each one.


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