Just by looking at the poem that this Series is based upon, the theme should be very quick to pick up on and the thought process easy to develop – which is why this Series needed to be developed.  We all can do that to some level or extend, but I’ m afraid that is where the problem can become the problem.  The study time for this Series was amazing and the time spent digging for simple, relevant nuggets kept expanding.  After combing through literally hundreds of verses, which made up hundreds of passages to get them in context, found myself immersed with peoples lives, actions, reactions, warnings, rewards, penalties and MANY life “things” – many of them fantastic passages, while clearly only a few of them became nuggets.  Those simple, straightforward multi-verse combinations were then easy to see, for they stood right out from the others very simply.

What Stood Out

Each of the practical passages of Scripture presented in this Series are multiple verse selections that present a very profound Truth and Instruction from the Word of God, His Spoken Word, the Bible.  From pouring over 44 books of the Bible where the passages ultimately appeared, only five (5) books contained the eight (8) presented – six (6) being from the Old Testament (OT) and the remaining two (2) from the New Testament (NT).  They are simple, yet VERY powerful presentations to Christians of how we can know from which Person those Plans come.  We are challenged to test them against God’s Word – for indeed that is where ALL of these Instructions have originated and are directly gained from.

NONE of these “wise bits” are a personal presentation of me to you, or anyone – but I can tell you this, EVERY one of them have been REAL in my life and can be made in an application for each of our lives daily.  The Lord has NOT tried to confound us, confuse us with His Instruction – we can simply ask Him for the assistance we need and He is Faithful to answer in His Time.  The very first verse, which is in my mind a KEY verse to this Series, is Proverbs 3:5-7

Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths. Be not wise in thine own eyes: fear the LORD, and depart from evil.
Proverbs 3:5-7 | King James Version


We are instructed to TRUST first, Acknowledge Him, THEN follow His Direction, Fear the LORD and DEPART from Evil.  The very first step is critical and foundational – we must first TRUST Him.  All of those “other” things will naturally follow once we have that key element nailed down and of the right priority.


The following list of actions and attributes appeared clearly and plainly as the verses of Scripture were chosen for this Series – eight (8) sets of them – ones we would benefit in having in our everyday vocabulary and every action doing…

Being Ready & Wise

Trust, Lean & Acknowledge
Counsel & Instruction
Wise, Just & Learning
Fit, Wise, Obedient, Faithful & Refreshing
Good, Forgiving & Merciful
Keep, Hear & Consider
Watch & Be Ready
Seek & Set On Things Above

Life seems at times to go past us at such a dizzying pace that can often prove very difficult to discern just what influence and spin it may have placed upon it – even our “so called” church/church activities.  Each of those can be tested, so to speak, given that we will Trust Him enough to do so.  This Series is a “short list” way to do so and gives us a way to detect “who” we are doing things for in the circumstances of life.  As we go about our lives, we will mimic the person or persons whom we spend our greatest amount of time with – Who is showing through you?  My desire is to have a firm grasp of God’s Plan for my life and follow His Plan through Embracing Him while doing so. Be Ready & Wise, for you are living the Plan for Your Life…

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