In our current day, time and socially challenged environment, there are placed in front of each of us MANY things that we could choose to worry over or about.  It could even be said that you and I could be “obsessing” about it, which might more accurately describe what we are seeing played out before our very eyes in the time which we live.  As Christians, we have clear and understanding answers that are preserved for us in the Holy Writ – God’s History Book for the ages – the Bible of the Living God.

Making the Choice

Notice the super title given for this Series: CHRISTIANS SHOULD, followed by the name of the Series: Never Worry About These Things.  The world “should” is the word that needs to be focused upon such that each of us might understand meaning of it being there instead of another more “common” word.  We’ve at one time or another probably heard someone say something similar to “awe, don’t worry about it”, but that doesn’t keep us from doing so.

The word “should” is the key to it all, which for many people who are struggling with a myriad of challenges in their own lives, may not take the time to realize and understand.  This Series, as all of the others are, is written to folks who know what a challenge is, having had them ever so real in their own lives.  A few of those challenges can run very deep, which in turn can alter our reliance on God’s Word at the very time we need to consider the direction it can provide in our lives most heavily.


Including the Theme Print above, there are eight (8) in this Series which will help us be reminded of how wonderful our Lord and Saviour really is to each of us, especially in our time of need – when no one else may even realize we have a struggle brewing within.


The five (5) areas focused upon for this Series are heavy hitters, ones where folks find themselves challenged by severe disruption in family structure, sudden/unexpected loss, major disappointment, amongst other things, which can weigh very heavily upon the human spirit.

Never Worry Focus Points

  1. Being Forsaken
  2. Feeling Useless
  3. The Future
  4. Bothering God With Prayer
  5. Feeling Unforgiven

As Christians, we can be prone to worry, to sorrow and to despair – but we have the God of All Creation’s Medicine book, the Word of God, which can address each of those challenges and get us to our faces before a thrice Holy God Who is the One that can help. Is it us possibly that has something we need to be before the Throne Room of Heaven to seek assistance?  Might it be possible that we are going through a difficulty, where others are watching and waiting to see how your “Jesus” stands up? Or, just maybe, we know someone for which we are at a loss for words at to what could be said…  This Series was designed for that VERY sharing opportunity to have feet in which to be delivered!  We as Christians SHOULD be sharing these helps from God’s Word so other might have the opportunity to lean on Him like we get to do!

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