Resurrection Lilies are some of the most beautiful of the Lilies, which we have 36 of – the “trouble” is they don’t pop up on my schedule – you have to WAIT for them… One cannot always see what is happening from the outside, but when they do — the result is amazing! Just like we don’t know the timetable of this one perceived growing Lily as it is unknown, we don’t always know when our Lord will answer each of our prayers. But there are two things that ARE known – I Know My Redeemer Liveth and I Know He Shall Stand – the verse comes from Job 19:25 | KJV – from a man who did not understand what was happening in his life, but he spoke about what he did “know”. That Redeemer is FAR more beautiful than the Lily in the photo, as the Scripture “paints” a better picture beyond all my troubles, trials and difficulties. It is my HOPE and PRAYER that this will ENCOURAGE you today!!! Please share – you never know who is going to REALLY NEED this today from YOU!

These Words

What follows may just be a “mere” list of words as phrases, but they are the backbone of this Series – does your mind immediately think on things of what Christ has done for you and me?

  • I Know [My Redeemer Liveth | He Shall Stand]
  • O LORD [My Strength | My Redeemer]
  • High God [High God | Their Redeemer]
  • For He [Redeemer Is Mighty | Plead Their Cause]
  • The LORD [I Am The First | I Am The Last]
  • Formed [Thee From The Womb | All Things]
  • His Name [LORD Of Hosts | Holy One Of Israel]
  • Thy God [Teacheth Thee | Leadeth Thee]
  • Mercy [Everlasting Kindness | Saith The LORD]


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