There are not words, which would only be a verbal expression anyhow, that could come close to explaining the POWER of this Series.  During the entire development, all that has run through my mind were the lyrics of these beautiful word-pictures of this song by the same name.

The first six passages of Scripture are the one directly referenced by the song writers, but the leading of the Holy Spirit challenged me to look MUCH deeper.  That look compelled me to focus on the words used in lyrics for the Series.  Each of them are pieces of the incredible, powerful puzzle that make up His Might.

Understanding It

As the verses were considered, words to describe the “Mighty” pieces became evident and purpose for those words could then be built into a framework, with the finished product becoming the fifteen (15) items of this Series.  Each of these focus on either a single or double word combination, giving a visual cue of a cross link fence illusion, where the transparent words appears behind the fence and all else is in front of it.  We may feel at times that we are entrapped or enslaved to the decisions that have been made, which prompted the concept of the fence.

8x10 Landscape

The concept prompted the imagery to be strongly presented to gain both the attention of even the most casual looker and intrigue the Believer to consider where they themselves might be in their standing with their Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. No matter how dark it may seem, or the things that a person seems to think they have done – our Heavenly Father waits to hear from us, the Holy Spirit longs to plead on our behalf – all of those things that come with the most precious gift we have ourselves – Salvation, being Saved – trusting in the Risen One.


There are fifteen (15) words, individual and pairings, which are to serve as reminders to the Christian about how good God has been to us.  Each one of them is an individual account in God’s Holy Word about His Might being shown for us to consider in our own lives, leading us towards Salvation, the most precious gift we have – Eternal Life.

Mighty Reminders

Everlasting, Singing, Rose Again
Lay Down, Glorify, Humble
Author, Mighty, Casting All
Kindness, Mercy, Compassion
Forgiveness, Overcome, Hope

Each one of us have reminders placed in strategic places to help us with all kinds of things like birthdays, anniversaries, appointments… the list could go on and on, showing us and the world how busy we can be at times.  But, do we have reminders about how Mighty God is?  What about what the Son of God had to do, so that we might have the choice to continue to live in sin or choose Salvation and Eternity in God’s Heaven?  Where are the reminders of the Old Testament foretelling of what Christ would do to show Himself Mighty? Have we decided to actively show others how we know Him as our Saviour – if so, where are the reminders of what He has done, is doing and has Promised to do for each of us?  Not sure? If you are reading this, you now have fifteen (15) reminders, just as I do, to tell others of the One Who is Mighty To Save!

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