Sorta out of character for what might be expected for a Series, but for me – not really… This Series is actually personal and has been born out of our Saturday Men’s Prayer Time which I’ve had the privilege of being an integral part of since it’s inception.  We have just past the four (4) year mark of meeting and praying, where we have a group of faithful men who have been there the entire time.  We’ve had many prayer requests lain upon our hearts, which have in turn be placed upon our common altar – of which a great number of those have been answered in CLEAR and PRONOUNCED manners – we REJOICE!!!

Specifically Recognized In One Prayer Meeting

It was a SPECIAL prayer time with Bro. Preston – 19 verses of distinction that we collectively used promises from and challenges within during a Saturday Night Men’s Prayer Time this past Saturday (June 9, 2012). Reminds me of how we are to hide the Word of God in our hearts, which when we do, it will spill over out of us – ESPECIALLY – when we speak to our Heavenly Father. It was AMAZING how we both saw this work and to recognize that indeed we were “Praying with the Expectation of God Answering”!

As is my habit, a good one I promise, when we go to pray either collectively or in pairs, my trusty pen comes with me and sometimes my Bible comes too.  As we prayed, different things came into my focus which were things we each pulled from the Word of God – not sure if I just hadn’t recognized it before or not, but it was VERY apparent this time that it was important to remember that we DO need to have Scripture on our minds and active in our lives.  The following list are the words that were jotted down as we prayed – not in order, just as they came to mind that we recalled as “written in your Word” as we referred to them as being in God’s Word, or the matter of fact manner of “you tell us in Your Word”:

  1. Well Done
  2. Intercession
  3. Purpose
  4. Follow After
  5. Unto Liberty
  6. Forgiving One Another
  7. Admonition
  8. Whole Armour of God
  9. Be Able to Withstand
  10. Stand Therefore
  11. Shield of Faith
  12. Praying Always
  13. Be Sober
  14. Hold Fast
  15. Exhorting
  16. Submit
  17. Draw Nigh
  18. Coming of the Lord
  19. Redeemed Us

The above is not a bragging list for us as mortal men, but as we look at them, we have to REJOICE that we have God’s Word lodged inside of us in a manner that it would come out of us so honestly when we talk to our Father – Almighty God Himself.  Neither one of use set out to see how many references we could recall, they spilled or overflowed honestly from us in our conversation with God the Father.  It is one of the things that was needed, showing me yet again why is SO important and how it can play a vital role in our lives as a tool of Encouragement — if you and I will just let it be so…

His Blessings, Our Being Faithful

What we surround ourselves with, what we immerse ourselves in doing, will naturally flow out of us – sometimes with us even hardly knowing it is even happening.  Do we want it to spill over from a full cup, onto the saucer, then gently flowing over onto the table from His Blessings to us for being Faithful?  Don’t know about you, but I’ve been at this one task for four (4) years in anticipation of that very thing – for it to impact my walk, my talk, my view, my goings, my intaking, my expect-taking, my hear-taking – absolutely everything about me has changed because of a dedication to meet with a few fellas on Saturday night who faithfully pray for our church and the going on’s in our lives…


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