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What an AWESOME opportunity to share with you an INCREDIBLE weeks worth of Bible study and Series making do I have to share!  This Series is actually five (5) different Series all compiled into one – normally don’t do that, but this one has been and is continuing to be soaking opportunity of perspective on Faith-to-Faith from the perspective of God’s Wonderful and Holy Word.

Now that most folks reading this are thinking that my lid stayed turned bottom side down for too long (some of you will get that a little later…) here is what is being presented for our continued consideration…  What we are to expect in the Christian life is actually WRITTEN down for our consideration and choice, we are to consider His Word in our lives as the Authority – PERIOD.  We can either stand the Good Book upright, spine going vertical or we can place it flat, with the spine following a horizontal plane.

Notice | The Spine

The logo for this Series reads two ways:

  1. Vertically | God Revealed Him To Faith
  2. Horizontally | Meeting Him Faith to Faith

It is amazing what the mind will do for us automatically, as that we can easily read it whether upright or with is placed flat, having interpreted the phrase presented correctly.  There is NO accident in the placement of the words or spacing, it is engineered to make one think.  We very much depend on first glances at things, situations or people to develop our overall impression of who, what, when or where a particular item is occurring or about to happen.  The Spine presented on each print, throughout all five (5) units it is used, should stir a response in each of  us as the passages of Scripture are REAL and share with us FAITH.

Meeting Him | Face-to-Face

The statement “Meeting Him Face-to-Face” immediately came to mind when hearing our Pastor use the passage Romans 1:17 with a focus being on “faith to faith”.  That thought turned into a 384 passage research process yielding 84 verses total – which have been paired down to just 45 over five (5) different parts to this Series.  From the very first verse of Scripture (Deuteronomy 7:9) telling everyone how Faithful He is in keeping the Covenant and Mercy to a thousand generations to the final verse of Scripture (I Peter 1:9) that at the end of our Faith, is indeed Salvation is Given us by a Saviour that we’ve not seen, but have Loved, Believed and Rejoice.



Just as in this image (first image of Series), it is my hand holding the bloom.  Unless you were VERY close to me, you’d never know the damage that hand has had done to it.  The rebuilt knuckles, the ever so precise stitching done by a micro-surgeon to put back on the three finger tips severed by a table saw (last three, pinky, ring and middle)…  Our Faith can be just like that, but we need to be reminded sometimes that His Faith, which God Himself revealed to us through His Son, it Written down, in the Bible.

The Set/Subsets for this Series have taken quite a bit of work and a few pieces of new photography, which are tied to the following five (5) parts:

Five Sets On Faith

  1. Old Testament Faith Set | 15
  2. Proverbs Faith Subset | 7
  3. Jesus Christ Faith Subset | 7
  4. Romans Faith Subset | 6
  5. New Testament Faith Subset | 10

A challenge is being presented here to all of us, me included – get to the site to see them.  My responsibility to develop these and make them available for not only your use, but mine also, gives each person who will do so a powerful tool chest that is WAY out of my league to try to challenge – the BIBLE.  Many hours have been placed in each of them – VERY EXCITED HOURS – of which these are an overflow of the time I’ve gotten to spend with God the Father and walking with my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.  Just as my finger tips were reattached 24 years ago, we might need to reconsider the working of how we can share with others what God the Creator is doing for us TODAY – my fingers still work just like they are supposed to work, yours?

Meeting Him Faith-to-Faith | http://delivertheword.com/meetinghimfaithtofaith
Flickr | https://www.flickr.com/photos/98308216@N06/sets/72157645201904273
e-Courage Tutorial | http://delivertheword.com/how-to-use-e-courage

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