Ever thought about how people view our actions and then apply them to a standard which we established ourselves?  In case you just then scratched head and said WHAT? – let me re-phrase that to say…  Have you ever not done what you said you would and wondered if someone saw you?  Even shorter than that would be this phrase…  Hope no one saw me do that!

Am not certain where the idea or concept of “hiding” ourselves and hoping that no one saw us came into existence, but Adam and Eve were the first recorded to have done just that in the Bible in Genesis 3:8 | KJV:

“And they heard the voice of the LORD God walking in the garden in the cool of the day: and Adam and his wife hid themselves from the presence of the LORD God amongst the trees of the garden.”
Genesis 3:8 | King James Version

We as Christians should be seeking to look different by being different in an active process of “Looking Different” as we draw closer to the Lord in our daily walk with Him. In realizing this, we also can apply that “Different” thought to the factor of how we see ourselves and how God knows we are, for He knows us better than we know ourselves.

For others to determine who they think we are serving, they look upon the outward person to see who we are or who we are supposing ourselves to be before them.  What they can not see, indeed one of the mysteries of the ages, is the inside – our hearts – whether that be desires, guilt, shame, oppression, depression or any number of other things in which we may be struggling to conquer. Those mentioned things influence how we establish our differences in representation to both God and toward others.

Generally when we see the powerful working of the Holy Spirit in another person’s life, we can rejoice along with them because we are seeing an achievement being made, carefully crafted by the Master, Creator and Sustainer! Do others see that in each one of us?  Are we looking to be “different” in the presence of God and man?  The verses of Scripture referenced in this Series give us a “top 10 list” of ways how God looks on us differently, which should cause us to look at Him differently.  In turn, the world will see us “Looking Different” from them not because we are perfect, but rather because we have determined to be more Christ-like in our daily walk.

There are ten (10) things we are given in this Series that allow us to see not only what we are to be different in doing, but how the Lord shows us what He sees as He looks in and upon our lives.

Looking Different Is A Determination

Not only are these statements of purpose, they are statements of explanation from God’s Word why He is different and His expectation of us to be like Christ!

  1. My Thoughts Are Not Your Thoughts
  2. The Heavens Are Higher Than The Earth
  3. Will Hear From Heaven
  4. Mine Eyes Are Upon All Their Ways
  5. Your Body Is The Temple Of The Holy Ghost
  6. Ye Are Bought With A Price
  7. Knowing That Of The Lord
  8. Let Your Requests Be Made Known Unto God
  9. By Grace Are Ye Saved Through Faith
  10. We Are His Workmanship

So when we “think” we have “thought” like as unto God’s View of us, review Isaiah 55:8 | KJV to be reminded about our thoughts…


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