The thought and idea behind this Series is to build on something that each one of us most likely has heard sometime in our lives, which most of us have probably used much more often than we might think…  The immediate phrase that comes to mind is when my Mother would say “William Allen, will you just LOOK AT THIS…” – of course fill in the blank with any number of things which could ALL be applicable ALL at the same time.  The most infamous of those words would be “MESS”, usually followed by a “you will not do anything else until you…” – with a here we go again, fill in the blank with any number of things that as a little guy should have already known to do.

The challenge oftentimes is that we are right in the middle of things that we “should have” seen coming, at least that is what I know is my challenge is most often. The main butterfly is an illustration of “seeing things” that are unseen.  From any distance, a person who has seen a butterfly before would tell you it is indeed a “butterfly”.  On careful inspection though and drawing a little closer, it can be seen very easily that it is not a butterfly at all – but rather vines, petals, blooms and crafted artistic design that has a “striking” resemblance of a “butterfly”.

Can others, or should it be said would others, see from a distance the Lord Jesus being represented in you and I?  Do they have the opportunity to see things being done in us and through us which they cannot quite explain, but they “see” it in us just the same?  That is what the letter to the Church in Corinth was conveying – that the things we are looking at are things not seen precisely. When the world looks at us from a distance, will they have a desire to get a closer look, realizing that we are human just like they are AND will they “see” that something beyond explanation?  Will we show forth our Faith believing that will last for all Eternity? If not, when they draw closer they may see something other than the Lord in us.

We need to Look for the Eternal as presented to us in the first design, carried all the way through to the final design which reminds us that we will Receive A Full Reward, not forgetting all the stuff that goes in the middle, including:

  • The LORD made it to prosper
  • The bush burned with fire, and the bush was not consumed
  • The LORD looketh on the heart
  • Looketh well to the ways
  • Lift up your eyes to the Heavens
  • With God all things are possible
  • Look on the things of others
  • Man shall be blessed in hid deed

Each verse is a POWERFUL reminder of what God can do, with the full surrender of one who will look a the things which are not seen, for those things are Eternal!


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