This Series began as a challenge presented to our fellas in our Men’s Prayer Time on Saturday evenings.  To be honest with myself, God the Father and everyone, Micah was a book read through several times as part of reading the entire Bible over the past couple of years — nothing stuck out to me either time…  This time it has been different because it was presented in the following manner…

Place yourself all those years ago, the time and period that these Scriptures were written, Micah the Prophet was in the exact same type of irreverent society that we find ourselves in today. This Series has bite to it, so be careful to understand where we are today as a society and Believers.  The first seven verses of Chapter 7 record for us the following realities shared in both times being considered, then and now:

  1. Looking for something once available, now not there
  2. Traps are commonplace in daily life
  3. People making decisions based on reward, not standards
  4. Every day activities have repercussions, cause pain
  5. Internal turmoil drives people not to rely on or trust family
  6. We make enemies of our own households

Then we come to verse seven (7) of Micah 7, which states:

“Therefore I will look unto the LORD; I will wait for the God of my salvation: my God will hear me.”
Micah 7:7 | King James Version

Micah using the word “will” said, he would “look unto the LORD”, “wait for the God of my Salvation” and “God will hear me”.  He said then what we should be saying now EVEN stronger, I know what He did, my God can hear me and I know that Someone who can do something about it!  Oh how many times have we left God out of the picture until we are in such a predicament that we have now where else to turn?  Would not it have been much easier and more simple if we’d have gone to Him FIRST when we realized that it was a challenge or problem bigger than we are?

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Because of what I know about God the Father, the relationship so graciously and mercifully granted by the Lord Jesus Christ and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, we can indeed put a “Therefore” in front of all three of those statements, knowing they are TRUE and RIGHT and POWERFUL.  Indeed we can “look unto the LORD”, “wait for the God of my Salvation” and that “God will hear me” as a child of the King!  What an AWESOME promise that we as Christians need to rekindle within and a INCREDIBLE challenge for us to put forth before a lost and dying world that has NO idea what the Bible is “there-fore”!!!


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