If there is a verse of Scripture that has had the largest impact on my life, John 12:32 has to be it, of course it is one RIGHT next to John 3:16 | KJV!

If I Be Lifted UpAnd I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me. John 12:32 | King James Version

This particular verse is EXTREMELY special to me, for it is what God the Father used to spin me around, pull open all my protective doors/walls and empty me of all the glass shards, so to speak, that I’d been holding inside which had caused me so much pain for so many years.  It had gotten to the point where everything that was happening around me was a fight for survival and there we no other places to turn.  The date was March 20, 2008 and the place was Pastor’s School, with seven of our Pastoral Staff at church, away from all that was familiar to me sans them.

Lifting Up

Oh the times we take to focus on various things, not realizing that they could be leading us to miss those things which are God’s Will for each of us to do.  Notice in the verse that sets the launching place for this Series, that Jesus uses the word “if” to describe our condition.  When we lift up ourselves, we are obstructing the view of those who we are being a witness to, whether that be directly or indirectly.  We are to show forth our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, share our testimony of what He’s done for us and share the Word of God – nowhere does the Bible say we draw them – Jesus does that.  It doesn’t matter their nationality, skin color, language, social status or condition – ALL men (men, women, boys, girls) will be drawn unto Him.


Just yesterday while a co-worker and I were out to eat at a local restaurant, just behind us at a table were two ladies and two gentlemen who surprised us about half-way through our meal.  Our waitress, whom we know fairly well, was picking on me about coming in without a minister friend and inquired as to whether or not I was going to behave myself.  Anyone that knows me knows my answer was quick and said with a cloud of laughter – OF COURSE NOT!

One of the ladies at the other table said:

“We have to behave now everybody, because we have a Man of God in front of us at that table.”

Conversation went back and forth, which included her answer as to how she came to think that, and her reply:

“You can tell that he is because of his conversation, how he handles himself and what he chooses to talk about.”

I’ve never met this lady or any of her table mates before in my life – but she had me pegged from me asking Grace before eating and the continued conversation made in that time.  It made me ever so much more aware and inclined to consider my speech, tone and carrying on, not only in a public place, but the most private place of my heart.

ARTWORK_LiftedUp_8x10L_v1_08-OrnateCross-90pT    ARTWORK_LiftedUp_8x10L_v1_08-CrossesAtCalvary-90pT ARTWORK_LiftedUp_8x10L_v1_08-CelticCross-90pT

Will each of us be keenly aware of the factor that God the Father knows our very thoughts and intents of the heart?  Others can and will form opinions, along with a long line of responses they will hold onto for a long time based on what you and I say or don’t say in front of them.  There are fourteen (14) items to consider in the what, when, where, who and how of our Lifting HIM Up – for not we ourselves are worthy, only ONE is and His Name is Jesus.

Items To Consider

Set A Set B Set C
01 Singing Praises
Lift Up Your Eyes
If I Be Lifted Up
He Is Exalted 
Blessed Be Ye
Walk In The Light
Know The I Am 
Have Mercy
We Glorify Thee
Live By His Faith
Believe In Him
Thou Art God
Overflowing Awe
Speak Christ

The word association with the verses can help each of us to remember them and why they are important in Lifting HIM Up.  Each set is comprised of different approaches, each taken from the Bible, based on the word “lifted” and presented to us for daily consideration.

What are others saying about your conversation today?  Will they know whether or not we are Christians by what pours from our tongues and is found evident in our lives?  It is the desire of my heart for that very thing to be TRUE!

Lifted Up
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