In a day and time where so much is being themed around “Let it go…” from Disney’s blockbuster movie Frozen, have the Redeemed of God thought about what they should be singing? Of course, everyone of us like a chipper, uplifting song that is meant to Praise, show Adoration and extend our Worship as enabled by the Holy Spirit. The challenge that is found too much of the time is that Christians have no more idea what the lyrics are of the song they are listening to than any other secular genre of music. Even more surprising than that fact, is that oftentimes the songwriter doesn’t realize the loss of potential impact they may be having with those singing/performing their music because of a VERY loose basing on Scripture of the written lyrics. Each of us of course have to realize that not every lyric has to be a full sermon, but if it is Bible based, then it should be biblical, right?

Each day my routine includes a mix of recorded/written sermons, Christian music, Christian music videos, biblical based helps, Christian based blogs and research on hymns – including collecting sheet music for them.  It makes my day start of well and continues to set the tone for everything that is done – the impact is “global” – touching everything that is done.  It is a rich impact, which carries over into the phone calls that are taken and made, e-mails that are written, interactions made with staff at the office, responses to a team of wonderful doctors who have yet to figure out how one can be so chipper and spirited during times of trial and pain…  None of those things are by accident – it is a realization that I’m Redeemed and I know that WITH my Saviour, every triumph, every struggle, every good thing, every trial… He PAID the Price of Redemption that is FOREVER settled in Heaven, nothing less than my full Adoration of Him will do.

The Redeemed

A song based on the same title from Psalm 107:2, Let the Redeemed of the Lord Say So, performed by The Hoppers is my absolute all time favorite rendition of that song. They give the words a melodic lift that is akin to causing one to want to SHOUT unto the Lord in Worship to the Heavenly Father through song – and wake a few folks up around who are sleeping at the same time. The energy they bring is incredible, uplifting and powerful – which if that doesn’t get you stirred up, Heaven is going to be a REAL interesting place for some when they get there. But, that is where I really think a tragedy exists, one that is all too often overlooked, swept back away from view of others and maybe even hidden so it cannot be seen… If, just if, people would realize something that is so counter-culture today, not all in life is a stand up and shout, perfect and balanced reprisal – life can be VERY difficult, painful and full of tragedy at times. It is in those times when one can truly hear the heart of an individual will understand the biblical meaning of “Let the Redeemed Say So…”, when it is poured out from the very depths of a persons soul, building to an outpouring of the heart in a pitch completely in tune with our Creator, our Heavenly Father, God.

Just as the bloom in this photo shows, it was tucked up under a covering in the bushes where it was photographed – all beautiful, delicate and full – requiring a trained eye to even spot it with just a hint of sunlight hitting it.  Just because it was hidden, didn’t mean it didn’t exist, nor does the factor that it wasn’t out in the open declare or renounce its beauty.  Our Heavenly Father sees us for who we are and knows our worth to Him.


Wherever we find ourselves, we can Praise and Thank Him as fellow Believers in Christ.  Our Heavenly Father wants to hear from us and desires that we stay in sweet communion with Him.  In the event we don’t do so, He also loves us enough to exercise an opportunity to get our attention so we might better understand His Love for us includes Correction.  I’d personally rather NOT have to have all the gathering times after the falling away times as in Psalm 107, but am THANKFUL we have a Merciful and Gracious Heavenly Father Who is Willing to Look after each of us.


This Series has a total of nineteen (19) images from eighteen passages of Scripture, including the Redeemed foundation verse in Psalm 107:2 and definitions of the words: Redeem, Salvation and Understanding, as well as a few Ways the Redeemed can Say So.

A Look into the Redeemed…

Redeemed | From the Hand of the Enemy, Gathered & Delivered Them
Definitions | Redeem, Salvation & Understanding
Ways | Guided, Faithful, Brought Forth, Gather, Lead & Guide, Remember, Be With, Blotting, Everlasting, Proclaiming, Blessing, Writing & Precious Blood

This Series has been a deep look into the Redeemed, that is the Christian, and how we can as Redeemed Children of the King can know how and why we need to Say So to Him.  We have a REAL enemy, who has a REAL agenda, with NO concern for our well-being or real soul-concern.  People may think that this was just an Old Testament “challenge” or “problem” that doesn’t exist today – that is a TRAGIC mistake in their thinking for that enemy has more sway today than he has EVER had.  There are those around us who NEED to HEAR the Redeemed of the Lord Say HOW GOOD and HOW GREAT He IS – TODAY!!!  When we give THANKS to Him, whom He had DELIVERED from the hand of the ENEMY – may they clearly see that His MERCY Endureth For Ever!

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