As is the case with most Series items, this one has a whopper of a story to back it up! A thirteen (13) week Bible study with a group of men at our church called “Changed Into His Image” by Jim Berg is one AWESOME life-changing study – that is if you allow and want it to be… Just as this verse indicates, you, the individual have to be willing to “Come” and you must have the desire to “Will” this process.

The Savior provided the way and the means for us to be “Changed…”, which comes from daily working, walking and wanting to be different. The taking is something each of us have to you – that means me and you – the old cliche comes to mind: “You can bring a horse to the water, but you can not make him drink.” This Series, as I’m certain Lord willing, will be just the start of the items from this study – that’s because I WANT it to BE!

What Are We To Do?

Diving into the the concept of what “Let Him” is to do, we must recognize that it is you and me that are to make those decisions.  We are to “Come” to the Father, by way of the Son to gain the free gift of Salvation – the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, which we are to be the Temple of the Holy Ghost.  In doing so, there are a host of other things are can see in God’s Holy Word that are instructed for that “Whosoever Will Come”, as we will see in this Series, the world is show that the Father says “Let Him…” do at least the following things as shown to us in the Scriptures:

Call” | “Do” | “Go” | “Doeth” | “Confess

Not Be Offended” | “Do The Will” | “Have More” | “Find” | “Humble Himself

Follow Me” | “Receive” | “Give” | “Not Doubt” | “Cometh To Me

Take Heed” | “Confess Me” | “Not Perish” | “Believeth” | “Drinketh

Liveth” | “Call On The Name” | “Witness” | “Feareth” | “Not Be Ashamed

Be Saved” | “Dwelleth” | “Loveth” | “Abideth

Each of these things we can each do and learn to be more aware of, through reading God’s Word to us, that we might be closer to our Lord and Savior.

The Prints

There are four (4) sets of prints/designs that make up this wonderful Series to remind us of what we are to do being comprised of the following areas:

  • Back of Card: A unique design is created for each Series which make the rear of a card as interesting of a sharing tools as the front!
  • Opening Print: The original artwork/concept for the design including overall features used throughout the Series.
  • Music Prints: Includes Hymns/Choruses/Spiritual Songs specific to the Series.
  • Scripture Prints: The list of Bible references put to images to capture and captivate the attention, pulling together a common theme or presentation.
Enjoy this set of 34 images/designs, as they challenge EACH of us to DO those things which would PLEASE our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!


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